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Junglück multiplied its revenue 7X after joining Shopify Plus

Junglück’s name comes from the German for young (jung) and happy (glücklich). It captures the ethos of the German skincare brand with sustainability at its heart; its natural products range from facial cosmetics to shampoo and hand soap.

When Junglück wanted to scale, it opted for migrating to Shopify Plus – providing the brand a customised suite of easily integrated ecommerce tools.  By the Numbers is used for CRM analysis, Yotpo is implemented for customer loyalty and referral purposes and Zendesk is the go-to for customer care. Alongside these features, Junglück has used Shopify’s International Stores to expand to the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland. 

We thought Shopify would be easier to use than our previous ecommerce platform and we’ve been proven right: it’s very intuitive. It’s enabled us to scale and grow more quickly – it’s so easy to use new features. As a company focused predominantly on marketing, that makes our job much easier.


Robert Nadenicsek — CMO


Health, Beauty, and Cosmetics

Previous platform


Use case

Growth and Scale, Apps and Integrations, Replatforming and Upgrades

With Shopify, Junglück saw results fast.


increase in revenue since migrating to Shopify Plus


increase in average order value since joining Shopify Plus


increase in conversion rate since joining Shopify Plus

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What business challenges are you dealing with? We can help.Get in touch