New York, Mexico City...Where Will the Shopify Partner Studio Go Next?

Partner Studio Mexico: Airplane

Not too long ago, we opened the doors to our NYC Shopify Partner Studio — a co-working space for creative professionals working in the ecommerce industry. For six months, two groups of freelance web designers and developers have been hard at work sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, and growing their businesses. They’ve even been joined by a furry friend on occasion!

We were thrilled to offer this unique opportunity to 12 talented freelancers living in New York City, but we wanted to help more freelancers kickstart their freelance careers around the world.

Introducing: The Shopify Partner Studio in Mexico City!

Hola amigos!

Partner Studio Mexico: Cathedral The Mexico City Shopify Partner Studio is a 12-week incubation program where 10 creative entrepreneurs from the ecommerce industry receive the resources and support needed to kickstart their business with Shopify.

To help us with this monumental task, we partnered with SUM — Mexico’s first “entrepreneurship campus”. In addition to the chance to learn from industry experts at Shopify, the residents of the Mexico City Partner Studio will also be able to participate in SUM’s courses, workshops, and events. Plus, our Partner Studio residents get to work out of SUM’s awesome coworking space.

Meet the residents!

Partner Studio Mexico City: Hammock
Ahhhh…freelancing is a beach at the Partner Studio in Mexico City!

Jesus Alberto Herrera

Digital Systems Specialist


Partner Studio Mexico: Jesus

Why he’s excited: It’s an honour to be a part of the Shopify Experts community in Latin America. I’m really looking forward to synergizing with the other members of the Shopify Partner Studio.

What he’s working on: I’m going to be building a site to promote my services as a ecommerce and Shopify specialist.

Avigail Reyes

Digital Strategist


Partner Studio Mexico: Avigail

Why she’s excited: The world of ecommerce is very large and we only know a small part. I’m excited to work with other experts to see what we can accomplish together.

What she’s working on: I’m going to be developing a strategy to acquire new leads.

Guillermo Delgado 



Partner Studio Mexico City: Guillermo

Why he’s excited: I’m looking to solidify my agency’s position as a specialist in digital experiences and ecommerce. I think the Shopify Partner Studio will be a great way to learn how to use Shopify to meet the needs of our customers.

What he’s working on: I’ll be working on a redesign of my agency’s website as well as helping with the migration of three previous clients to Shopify stores. I’ll also explore a new business plan for my agency where we’ll hopefully be able to provide Shopify to more customers in less time, while maintaining the quality of the results.

Viktor Martinez and Victor Elias

Graphic Designer and SEO Specialist

Partner Studio Mexico City: Victor M Partner Studio Mexico City: Victor E







Why they’re excited: We’re excited to become Shopify Experts so we can help other businesses grow. We can’t wait to be a part of the ecommerce boom in Mexico!

What they’re working on: We’re going to develop a business plan so we can accommodate a new range of customers. We also want to try and sell more services to the stores we have already created.

Claudia Marin and Ivan Moreno

Digital Marketer and Interactive Designer


Partner Studio Mexico City: Claudia  Partner Studio Mexico: Ivan







Why they’re excited: We’re looking forward to mastering the Shopify platform and improving results.

What they’re working on: We’re going to try and release of more than four Shopify shops as well as work on developing processes to improve our service to potential customers.

Gerardo Correa

Digital Systems Specialist


Partner Studio Mexico City: Gerardo

Why he’s excited: I want to be one of the main Shopify Experts in Mexico and Latin America. I’m looking forward to sharing experiences and knowledge with my colleagues at Shopify Partner Studio in Mexico, and have fun learning and creating!

What he’s working on: I’m going to redesign my agency website based on a rethinking of my services, consolidate Radical Media MX as a consulting company in ecommerce and digital marketing, search for new customers, and launch my own ecommerce project.

Mauricio Villaseñor and Alan Kimo



Partner Studio Mexico City: Mauricio  Partner Studio Mexico City: Alan







Why they’re excited: We want to take advantage of all the opportunities and receive mentorship from Shopify and SUM.

What they’re working on: We are redesigning our website and growing our agency.

Francisco Arteaga

Industrial and Systems Engineer


Partner Studio Mexico City: Francisco

Why he’s excited: I want my agency to acquire all the expertise needed to integrate digital marketing strategies to sell products and/or services on Shopify. I’m looking forward to being able to translate likes, engagement, etc. into sales for my clients in a shorter period of time.

What he’s working on: I will be working on getting to know the platform, generating new leads, and implementing a new line of online business for my agency.

Julio Gonzalez

Information Technology and Communication Engineer


Partner Studio Mexico City

Why he’s excited: I can’t wait to learn what practices experts use to bring in customers. I’m also excited to become a Shopify Expert and be a leader in ecommerce in Mexico.

What he’s working on: Establishing a business plan aimed at meeting the needs of the Mexican market, and implementing an advertising strategy to attract new customers who are willing to increase their sales by selling online.

Where should we open shop next? Tell us why your city would be a great location for the next Shopify Partner Studio.


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