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After cutting its launch time in half, Desky’s revenue boomed by 1,227%

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Inspired by the pandemic’s work-from-home revolution, Desky launched in 2020 with a range of standing desks and ergonomic furnishings perfect for those working from home. As it quickly began to scale, Desky wanted a robust and reliable ecommerce platform that would support hyper-growth and could handle vast volumes of website traffic.

Desky's founders had experience with Shopify Plus from another business, and chose the platform also for Desky because it had proven to them to be the best place to grow an ecommerce business within a secure and customer-friendly environment. The team at Desky gave itself a short launch time frame of only six months to get its product, website, and branding ready. With Shopify Plus, the company was able to launch the site within a mere three months.

Rather than worrying about whether or not your site's going to work, you can focus on your products and deliver the best customer experience and marketing messaging. Shopify Plus gives you time as a business owner to focus on business growth rather than on platform maintenance and coding.
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With Shopify Plus, Desky saw results fast.


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