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Jigsaw solved a post-pandemic puzzle with automation and increased revenue by £2M

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Replatforming, Cost effectiveness, Growth and scale

Celebrating over half a century on the high street, Jigsaw is sewn into the tapestry of British fashion. Founded in Brighton in 1970, the heritage brand has proven more than capable of consistent evolution. However, like it did for countless other retailers, Covid-19 presented unforeseen challenges. 

To adapt to the changing commercial landscape Jigsaw needed to increase its digital agility in a cost-efficient way. With Shopify Plus boasting a competitive Total cost of ownership (TCO), it quickly edged out competing platforms.

Following its migration in August 2021, Jigsaw began using Shopify Flow and Matrixify – both of which allowed the brand to focus on scaling without getting bogged down in technical logistics and back-end admin. The brand also implemented a custom-built app which facilitated a click and collect system. 

Shopify Plus’s speed, usability and custom capabilities has not only improved customer experience, but also allowed Jigsaw to bring new products to market fast, optimize operations and save time, and ensure its creative objectives remain a primary focus.

Shopify Plus has enabled us to be agile, accurate, and fast. Optimizing the site and being able to innovate and trade in real time.
Raine PeakeDigital Director

With Shopify Plus, Jigsaw saw results fast.


Revenue increase in 5 months


Increase in conversion rate from back in stock automation


New features launched

Join the ranks of brands changing fashion and apparel every day.

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