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Knix’s virtual warehouse sale hosted 35,000 shoppers in only 10 minutes

Blenders Eyewear grew its Black Friday Cyber Monday sales 10X YoY

With Shopify Fulfillment Network, Heatonist can finally guarantee three-day shipping

HiSmile eclipsed $130 million through influencer marketing and going global

Jungalow’s brand, once reliant on other retailers to sell, now stands on its own

Culture kings focuses on the art, not the science, of its ecommerce empire

Simba carefully, deliberately grew its global empire to $100 million+

Kate Hewko fuels growth with 3.9x return on ad spend using Shopify Audiences

Nathan James finds 500+ new buyers with Shopify Audiences

Bushbalm drives 42% higher clickthrough rate with Shopify Audiences

Scotts Flowers delivers 140% higher ROAS with Shopify Audiences

Jonathan Simkhai and Maison MRKT deliver 6.6x return on ad spend with Shopify Audiences

EcoFlow rapidly launches 12 international stores, supercharging $1B valuation

TileCloud expands B2B customer base by 24% with Shopify Plus

al.ive body boosts customer conversion by 47% with Shopify Plus

From SME to enterprise: Christy Ng achieves 400% revenue growth after replatforming

Cheak boosts customer reach and engagement at scale with Shopify Plus

MZ Wallace increases conversion rates while reducing platform costs by 64%

Unilever brand, Liquid I.V. reduces its cost-per-acquisition by more than 40% with Shop Cash offers

Firebelly Tea Doubles Return on Ad Spend with Shop Cash Offers

HydroMATE attributes nearly half of its daily customer growth to Shop Cash offers

Never Fully Dressed migrated to sell internationally with ease

Skin Inc 4X’s revenue with powerful customizations

Riff Raff sees 20x growth in US sales with expansion store

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