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Tatari is the TV advertising platform behind many big retailers that you see on TV today. With Tatari, advertising on TV is now a digital-like experience: measurable, real-time results, with the ability to manage a campaign in small or big doses. Many brands exhaust paid advertising channels so they turn to TV to scale and reach unique and highly engaged audiences. Now’s the time to get started on TV and get your brand in front of potential new customers.

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October 2022


I can’t imagine buying TV without Tatari. Whether it’s their self-serve tool or the way they incorporate data and measurement into their media plans, they’re truly bringing TV into the 21st century.

Ty Conner, Director, Growth MarketingTruebill

Since we started advertising on TV, we’ve seen a halo effect of improvement across our other digital channels, which is a great added bonus to direct sales we’ve seen. TV [will play] a big role in our media mix moving forward. We find it’s a great way to reach a broad audience at an efficient cost.

Carly London, Head of GrowthLively

Retargeting was an important piece of this post-Super Bowl campaign. We had the ability to take the first Super Bowl impression, and follow up with additional Fiverr ads to bring viewers down the purchase funnel. Working with Tatari helped us be efficient, and optimize as much as possible.

Matt Clunan, Director of Brand MarketingFiverr