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How Shopify and EY Power OAK + FORT’s Upmarket Journey

Learn how this ambitious brand navigated risk and identified key opportunities to move upmarket with a bespoke solution.

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How did OAK + FORT super power their growth?

Finding the right partners

The retailer partnered with EY teams to review their business goals and how to achieve them by building with Shopify.

Implementing custom solution

Delivering exceptional customer experiences at scale led the retail brand to select a tech solution that was enterprise ready.

Focusing on growth

With ambitious goals for growth the team selected a unified commerce approach to fuel their expansion.

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We looked at our growth trajectory and we knew that we needed to find a partner that has that very same mindset, who has taken the time to understand who their customers were and how they wanted to interact with them.


Jennifer Pearson — VP of Information and Technology and eCom Solutions