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Account Manager - Shipping Services

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Specialty Sales and Account Management
Team Sales

About the role

Shopify has redefined commerce, raising the standard for how companies of all sizes sell their products and services online and off. With 600,000+ merchants in more than 175 different countries, and the most innovative platform on the market, we continue to grow rapidly while constantly looking for new ways to impact and disrupt markets.

We're looking for a Shipping Solutions Specialist to work with the team that’s building Shopify's global shipping & fulfillment platform. Moving physical goods from one place to another is a complex business and changing fast. Our team has already vastly improved this space for our merchants and in 2018, we’ll continue to scale rapidly on a number of fronts. Our goal is to help merchants offer the best shipping and delivery experience to their buyers at all points of the shopping journey, propelling them to sell more, while increasingly saving time and money in the process.

This role is a hybrid one.  We know that more merchants will be motivated to use Shopify’s shipping solutions if we could communicate its benefits to them.  First and foremost, this is an outbound sales role, where you’ll be expected to communicate the value of Shopify Shipping to a variety of merchants via both cold emails and calls.  Once you start chatting to merchants, we expect they’ll have questions, so you’ll need to become (if you’re not already) an expert at finding out answers to complex and simple questions about things like shipping pricing strategy and shipping carriers.  

A few more details:

We’re good with remote workers - working remotely with Shopify makes it possible to be part of a growing tech company, without relocating. 

We keep it real - It’s not just sales and support...it’s talking to real people about real issues. It won’t always be easy, but if you're resourceful, ask questions, and enjoy having genuine human conversations, you may have just found your dream team.

We’re business coaches - We don’t just solve problems, we help businesses grow and thrive. Our team doesn’t do pushy sales, but we do strive for needs based sales solutions to help merchants understand how Shopify shipping can help them scale their business and succeed. 

We work together - We may not be in the same cities, but we act like it. We’ve invested in strong communication tools to ensure you have the resources to succeed in your role at Shopify --- no matter what city you are in!

You'll be working on things like:

  • Creating a new way of selling Shopify Shipping to merchants who could really benefit from what we have to offer.
  • Innovative new ways of selling and disrupting software sales to SMBs.
  • Racking up experience equivalent to a real world MBA.
  • Making the most of the opportunity to work at an amazing, innovative, and rapidly growing company; having an impact; being involved and doing something incredible!

It’d be great if you had the following;

  • A strong familiarity with the Shopify platform
  • 2+ years of experience within a sales or lead generation environment, preferably in technology/software.
  • A sense of adventure and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Energy and a wicked work ethic .
  • Intelligence and a solutions-oriented mindset.
  • Self-discipline and the ability to stay focused amongst the chaos.
  • A passion for talking to people, understanding their unique business needs, and showing them how to 10X their business.
  • A love for trying new things, iterating, and then diving in again - all at a super fast pace.

If you’re interested in helping us shape the future of commerce, click the “Apply now” button to submit your application. Please address your cover letter to Greg T and tell us about the last thing you bought online. Did the cost of shipping have an impact on what you bought?