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Chief Marketing Officer


I can’t think of a more intimidating task than what I’ve been asked to do. Doug Tetzner asked me to write a letter to pitch the Chief Marketing Officer role at Shopify to the best marketers in the world. I churned on this task for days, unsure of the best approach and feeling rather lacking in the vocabulary department. But then I realised that there’s actually a beautiful parallel in his request. I work as a recruiting researcher at Shopify, supporting the hiring process from the background. Shopify is a commerce platform, enabling the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs while remaining similarly in the background. I write as someone behind the scenes asking you to make Shopify a household name.

Here’s the thing: Shopify has been a product-driven company from the beginning. We have always chosen the path that leads to more entrepreneurs, putting nearly all our energy and drive into developing a product (which morphed into a platform) that addresses the needs and desires of anyone dreaming of owning their own business. Our reputation so far has been a natural byproduct of the success of our merchants. We actively put our merchant’s brands in front of our own, so much so that their customers often don’t realize they’re shopping on a “powered by Shopify" shop. But what if, at this stage in our evolution, Shopify becomes a marketing-driven company? It’s a gripping idea and we know that we are not yet equipped to accomplish it.

One of our earliest and most enduring mottos is “do things, tell people”. Internally, we do this pretty damn well. But externally? Well, we’ve been a bit more on the modest side. We have a literal shit tonne of amazing things happening here, and their combined potential is immense. Shopify is a flywheel - our creative energy has been collecting over time and is primed for release. We need a CMO to harness the power of all the good here and build Shopify into a brand not only synonymous with e-commerce, but commerce as a whole.

This is the chance to lead a movement. As CMO at Shopify, you have the opportunity to shape the company that is enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs. Commerce is an exercise in democracy and we are giving everyone a chance to be on the ballot. Shopify is making commerce better for everyone. Help us get this story to the world.

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