Community Marketing Manager (Remote, China) 社群营销经理

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Location Asia
Team Marketing and Communications

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At Shopify, we want to make commerce better for everyone, everywhere. Shopify has 1,000,000+ merchants in more than 175 different countries and is trusted by many Fortune 500 and emerging brands including GE, Nestle, Unilever, Allbirds, and ColorPop. Shopify is now permanently remote and working towards a future that is digital by design. Learn more about what this can mean for you. 

在Shopify,我们的使命是让每个人的生意做得更好,不论在哪。Shopify在175个国家拥有超过100万商家,深受包括通用电气、雀巢、联合利华、Allbirds、ColorPop在内的众多财富500强及新锐品牌的青睐。Shopify现实行永久远程办公政策,致力于打造一个digital by design的数字化未来。点击了解更多。

This role will be part of the China Growth Team, helping build our active merchant base and establish Shopify’s leadership in the world’s biggest e-commerce market. 


We are seeking a community marketing manager to join and help us connect with merchants, grow Shopify’s active merchant base, and build a vibrant community of merchants across both online and offline events and experiences. You will be at the frontline engaging with merchants and working with team members from growth, content, data, RnD, events, etc. You need to be highly hands-on, innovative, and cooperative and figure out how to build a social community and turn it into a growth channel for merchant conversion and retention. 

我们期待中国商户增长 - 社群营销经理的加入,帮助我们与商家保持沟通交流,实现我们的增长目标,并将Shopify的中国社群和线上线下活动运营提升到一个新的水平。你将在一线与商家接触互动,并与growth, content, data, rnd, events等团队合作,使Shopify私域流量不断扩张成长。你需要有高度的实践、创新和合作能力,想办法建立社群并使之成为商家转化与留存路径中的增长渠道。

This role is a remote position available within mainland China, Native Chinese language proficiency is required. 


Things you will do:

  • Grow and retain Shopify's audience of merchants and entrepreneurs by engaging them via social channels

  • Build and engage the community through a variety of content, programs and engagement strategies to grow, retain, and make the community thrive

  • Make and implement social and wechat content strategy, manage everyday community communication, and effective content distribution

  • Work across teams to facilitate online/offline events, webinars, partnered projects, etc.

  • Be responsible for online event execution, operation, and project management, including customer journey design, creative production, social promotions, and community management, to drive attendance, participation, conversion and retention from merchants

  • Think out of the box and use growth hacking techniques to scale member growth, design and enhance whole channel performance measurement, and eventually, contribute to active merchants on Shopify

  • Responsible for tangible growth goals and report out valuable findings for internal knowledge sharing

  • 通过社交渠道互动获客,增加与留存Shopify的商家和创业者受众

  • 通过各种各样的内容、活动和互动策略来建立社群,激发互动并实现增长、留存与高活跃度的目标

  • 制定并实施社群运营和微信内容策略,管理社群日常的沟通和有效的内容输送分发

  • 跨团队合作以促成各类线上线下活动、直播及合作项目的社群联动宣传

  • 负责线上活动的执行、运营及项目管理,包括用户路径设计、文案和创意素材、社交平台宣传、社群管理等,不断提高商家的参与、互动、转化与留存

  • 灵活创新地利用增长黑客技术,实现社群成员裂变,设计并提升全渠道营销效果的可追踪性,最终带来可归因的Shopify活跃商家转化与留存

  • 对切实的增长目标负责,并将社群内有价值的发现及时与团队分享



  • 3+ years of relevant working experience, with experience building, managing or leading online communities (from 0 to 1) and turning it into an acquisition channel. 
  • Proven hands-on experience running communities and online/offline events, understanding of common practices, and deep familiarity with social tools or mechanisms relating to livestreaming, community management, tracking, CRM, H5, WeChat, WeChat Work, etc.

  • Strong judgment on content that will spur conversation and engagement, passion to explore different social tools and newest practices, and mature up-to-date internet operation knowledge system, with successful cases. 

  • Enjoy online communications and being energized about building communities via rules, events, systems, etc. Ability to work independently as a self-starter, with minimal supervision in a results-oriented environment while being a responsible and enthusiastic team player.

  • Outstanding organization, negotiation, multi-task and prioritization skills and also great verbal and written communication ability in Chinese and English. 

  • Great execution ability and the ability to push things to happen step by step, before deadlines. Obsessed over product building and problem solving. 

  • A deep understanding of the cross-border eCommerce market is preferred

  • 3年以上相关工作经验,有从0到1搭建和管理线上社群并使之成为获客渠道的经验

  • 有丰富的社群和线上活动组织加运营的实战经验,了解行业常规操作方法,非常熟悉相关软件或原理,包括且不限于直播、社群管理、数据追踪、CRM、H5、微信、企业微信等

  • 对能带来互动与转化的内容具备极强的敏感度和判断能力,有探索不同社交工具和最新玩法的热情,有成熟的不断更新的互联网运营知识体系,且有成功的案例

  • 享受并擅长线上互动,对通过规则、活动、机制建立与盘活社群充满热情,能在最少的监督下独立自主工作,同时具有良好的团队合作精神与强烈的责任心

  • 拥有出色的组织能力、谈判能力、多任务处理能力和优先级分配能力,以及良好的中英文口头和书面表达能力

  • 时间观念强,拥有严格按照节点落地活动与项目的执行力,具有用户/产品设计思维,喜欢解决问题

  • 对跨境电商市场有深刻理解者优先考虑

We’re always on the lookout for people who are excited to work on hard problems at a global scale in a friendly, collaborative environment. If this sounds familiar, we’d love to hear from you.


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