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社区及微信运营经理- Community & Wechat operation Manager

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Specialty Marketing and Communications

About the role

Shopify is a SaaS ecommerce ecosystem with the mission to make commerce better for everyone. Shopify powers over 800,000 merchants around the world, and we’re just getting started. This role will be part of the International Marketing team based in China, helping establish Shopify’s leadership in the world’s biggest Ecommerce market.


About the role 关于此岗位

Community & WeChat Operations Manager will be working with growth, marketing and business-development teams to tell Shopify’s story—and the story of our merchants'—to audiences across China.

You’ll be responsible for managing and growing our online presence with our communities on WeChat, Zhihu or our blog, managing and editing freelance contributors and agencies to deliver 干货 about cross-border Ecommerce, and scaling our merchant communications and support. Ultimately, you will play a key role in developing our brand and creating our voice in the world’s biggest Ecommerce market.



Things you will do 你将负责:

  • Establish and grow Shopify’s brand voice through our owned channels in China.
  • Inspire a new generation of Direct to Consumer entrepreneurs in the world’s biggest Ecommerce market.
  • Operate online communities, make strategies on operation of our social media official accounts, fan base growth, online guidance etc.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the entire team by sharing insights, new tools, and best practices for localization in China.
  • Help us establish content growth-loops across China’s biggest platforms.
  • Have constant positive interaction with existing merchants and our brand audiences through WeChat group and other communities, establish effective means to improve the viscosity within the group.
  • Work with a variety of platforms to facilitate events, cooperative projects, brand promotion and media publicity.
  • 通过我们自有的社交媒体渠道建立和扩大我们的品牌声音;
  • 负责社群架构和载体的搭建与运营,对粉丝增长、线上引导的增长策略、运营方案、日常运营等事项全面负责;
  • 通过分享在中国本地化的见解、新工具和最佳实践,提高整个团队的效率;
  • 激发新一代Direct to Consumer的创业者;
  • 在中国最大的各类平台上,依靠内容,建立增长循环;
  • 通过微信等社群与品牌用户进行良性互动,建立有效的手段提升用户活跃度;
  • 与各类平台一起完成大型活动、合作项目、品牌推广和媒介宣传工作。

You'll need to have 岗位要求:

  • Native level Chinese
  • The ability to prioritize simultaneous project requests from various teams.
  • A deep understanding of the cross-border Ecommerce market.
  • Experience in the backend of WeChat, with the knowledge of how to edit, format and publish articles.
  • Passion to explore different social tools and 玩法, and to keep up-to-date with the digital ecosystem in China.
  • Skills in treating data and find insights from numbers.
  • Experience running a service or subscription account, and deep familiarity with social tools (livestream, community management, tracking, etc.) , digital events running experience.
  • Great content editing skills
  • 有服务号或订阅号的运营经验,对运营工具(直播、社区管理、数据跟踪等)有较深的了解,并组织过线上活动;
  • 对内容具备极强的敏感度和判断能力,有成熟的互联网运营知识体系,且有成功案例;
  • 有跨境电商的行业背景或是对跨境电商有深入的了解;
  • 有与自媒体和服务商合作的经验;
  • 乐于探索不同的运营工具和玩法, 并熟知中国数字生态系统的发展趋势与变化;
  • 较强的数据敏感性,能够发现问题并结合实际运营手段进行解决;
  • 能根据优先级来安排处理来自不同团队的同步项目请求;
  • 中文为母语;英语熟练为加分项。

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