Continuous Improvement Specialist

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Location Canada
Team Business Operations

About the role

If we had to make a prediction, we’re going to say that the successful applicant for this role is going to come from the world of Warehouse Operations Management and/or Transportation Operations.  Maybe you currently work at a 3PL, or an ecommerce company, or with a carrier.  We’re not going to ignore your application if you don’t come from this world, but you must know your way around  the logistics operations, from fulfillment operations to transport management.

Keeping on the crystal ball theme, we’re also going to say that the person that gets the gig will be a builder, not a maintainer.  You’re going to want to get excited about coming into a new role where you get to help lay the foundations for a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Metrics, reporting, project management, tools and technology - most of these pages are yet to be written and you must be someone who is comfortable in that sort of ambiguous environment and who loves to solve large, complex problems

Sound like you?  Awesome.

Here’s the sort of things you can expect to be doing:

  • Review and challenge both the end-to-end informational and physical flow from order collection up to fulfillment and the delivery confirmation.
  • Participate in setting operational metrics to monitor activity
  • Analyse those metrics and identify the root causes of poor efficiency
  • Understand and formalize current processes vs targeted ones
  • Identify the gaps and suggest corrections and reviews 
  • Implement and supervise continuous improvement actions 
  • Define and document new standards and monitor progress
  • Design training documents, and procedures to sustain operational excellence


  • Exceptional data analysis skills - you know your way around google sheets and excel.  SQL knowledge would be nice too.
  • You should have deep knowledge of WMS software 
  • Strong background in warehousing operations and/or in transport management is a real asset
  • You should familiar with continuous improvement tools (VSM, workflow design, problem solving, Six Sigma )
  • Exceptional communication skills - you’ll be researching, analysing, writing, advising and recommending.  If you can’t make a point clearly and succinctly with a fantastic attention to detail, this may not be the right job.
  • Soft and hard leadership skills.  Within Shopify, we’ll be relying on you to help our product teams continue to innovate.  Within the nodes, you’ll be Shopify’s boots on the ground.  In both environments, you should be comfortable with providing key advice, managing expectations and knowing when to push hard and when to pull back.
  • This positions requires frequent travel across our network in the US. 


OK, are you excited to apply?  Awesome.  We know that applying to a new role takes a lot of work and we truly value your time.  If you want to address a message to the hiring team, please address it to Paul.

Also, we really want you to answer the following question.

Have you implemented a Continuous Improvement Program in a fulfillment/transport environment before? 

Finally, at Shopify, we are committed to building and fostering an environment where our employees feel included, valued, and heard. Our belief is that a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion enables us to truly make commerce better for everyone. We strongly encourage applications from racialized people, people with disabilities, people from gender and sexually diverse communities and/or people with intersectional identities.

This application will close at 12.01am on Saturday, April 17.


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