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Market Events Specialist市场活动运营专家

Job post summary
Specialty Marketing and Communications

About the role

As Shopify’s Market Events Specialist in China, you will be leading working with marketers and partner managers to develop and execute events strategy that grows and builds Shopify’s community of entrepreneurs in our China markets. These initiatives will be executed across different regions, industries and audiences.  

This role will be responsible for creating high touch experiences for Shopify’s community of merchants, partners, and future employees in China. We execute events such as Merchant Meetups, Partner Days, Co-hosted Roadshows, etc. and bring Shopify to events throughout China.   



You'll need to have:

  • Experience in offline events strategy and execution and experiential marketing 
  • Experience in top-tier, multifaceted conferences and scaling those conferences to different audience types and regions
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills with great attention to detail 
  • Ability to thrive in chaos and think quickly on your feet
  • Great execution ability and the ability to push things happen step by step, before deadlines 
  • Contacts of vendors/providers for event related materials (swag, banners etc), people(hosts, production personnel etc) and venues 
  • A resourceful attitude and negotiation skills - you'll be working with a lot of different teams across Shopify as well as external partners 
  • Native level Chinese with high English fluency and the ability to help with marketing copies 
  • Good sense to analyze data, summarize experiences and optimize events as we go along the way
  •  2年以上线下市场活动策划与执行经验
  • 具有各种会议活动筹办经验,并能根据不同的受众类型和地区扩展这些会议和活动。
  • 英文流利,具备较好的文案策划能力(活动文案,广告文案,标题文案)
  • 出色的沟通、协调与组织能力
  • 熟悉活动办理相关物资,舞美及场地的供应商/联系人
  • 对活动现场突发情况能做出迅速反应
  • 时间观念强,能严格按照节点推进项目的执行力
  • 较好的数据敏感度,善于分析、总结、评估和不断优化活动,能细化的对活动运营的各项数据进行分析,并且能根据分析结果给出提升思路

You will get to do things like

  • Be responsible for all event execution (pre-planning, on site and post) and manage events related creatives and swag
  • Drive experiential marketing strategies and tactics to support business objectives and connect with Shopify’s community of app developers, merchant developers, service agencies, and channel partners
  • Thoroughly understand the Shopify partner ecosystem, product offerings, and competitive differentiation to develop unique, engaging, and measurable in person experiences
  • Build relationships with internal stakeholders in North America including Platform product line, Product Marketing, Brand Strategy, Creative/UX, and PR
  • Participate or Lead event related co-marketing efforts with strategic partners including Google, Facebook, P, and more and build good long-term relationships with them
  • Define third-party sponsorship strategy and program for all proprietary events 
  • Develop China Experiential strategy and plan by proactively looking for opportunities and making recommendations that align with Shopify’s goals and objectives  
  • 负责所有活动、会议的执行(前期策划、现场和后期),负责活动相关物料,包括周边、视频、平面素材
  • 活动策划和方案制定、活动整体创意与构想、活动经费预估核算、活动整体统筹执行与节奏把控、活动结果分析
  • 深入了解Shopify合作伙伴生态系统、产品供应和竞争差异化,推动体验式营销策略和策略,以支持我们的商务拓展与合作
  • 与谷歌,Facebook, Paypal等战略合作伙伴联合市场活动,并与他们建立良好的长期关系
  • 参与或牵头项目、活动、会议相关的公司内部跨部门沟通
  • 制定所有专属活动第三方赞助策略和流程在符合Shopify发展目标的前提下,制定中国体验式营销战略和计划并主动寻找新的合作机会 

It would be great if you had:

  • Experience working in a startup, ecommerce or the tech industry - it's important to understand the kinds of events we're into and the products we deliver
  • Background in Advertising, event planning, marketing, etc.  
  • 文化娱乐、互联网、内容平台、智能硬件、媒体等行业活动策划、市场营销等相关工作经验;或在4A、PR、会展服务公司,为上述行业服务的项目管理、客户管理岗位从业者
  • 广告、会展、PR、市场营销等相关专业

We know that applying to a new role takes a lot of work and we truly value your time. Please upload your both your English and Chinese resumes, we are looking forward to reading your application!