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Merchant Education Content Strategist


We’re looking for someone to find, curate, and create content that helps Shopify merchants be better entrepreneurs.

You’ll help hundreds of thousands of people build successful businesses. How? By teaching them the skills they need – how to market their products, optimize their conversion, get to know their tools, and more.

You need:

  • An understanding of how to start and run a business (or a willingness to learn really really quickly)
  • At least 2 years of experience creating and delivering teaching materials like blog posts, instructions, magazine articles, or workshops
  • Familiarity with the business media landscape, and solid research skills so you can source new material
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with other product design disciplines like designers, developers, and product managers
  • Experience building and maintaining a consistent, compelling tone across lots of different content

You can:

  • Move fast (and change even faster): you’ll adjust quickly to shifting approaches, situations, and priorities. You’ll prioritize simultaneous deadlines across multiple teams.
  • Build relationships: you’ll build strong, collaborative relationships with everyone at Shopify to act in our merchants’ best interests.
  • Figure it out: every day is different at Shopify, and you’ll be writing all kinds of different content. You’ll use your experience and judgement to create the best possible solution.

You'll be a:

  • Storyteller: You’ll find and surface the stories of Shopify entrepreneurs, and help every merchant achieve the success they want.
  • UX writer: You’ll write clear, concise, usable content for our product interfaces. You’ll also edit and proofread content from other team members.
  • Editor in chief: You’ll evolve and enforce our editorial and voice and tone standards.
  • UX designer: You’ll collaborate with our designers to ideate, plan, and execute new ideas, and continuously improve what we have today.
  • Researcher and data analyst: You’ll use qualitative and quantitative research to make informed content decisions.
  • Teacher: You’ll advocate for the importance of content across the company. You’ll empower everyone at Shopify to write their own great content through training, learning resources, and support.

Sound perfect for you?

Send us a few samples of teaching materials you’ve created. If you really want to stand out, sign up for a free trial of Shopify and build a store. Share the link with us so we can take a look!

Please make your cover letter out to Amy.

Experience comes in many forms, many skills are transferable, and passion goes a long way. If your experience is thisclose to what we’re looking for, consider applying. We know that diversity of thought makes for the best problem-solving and creative thinking, which is why we're dedicated to adding new perspectives to the team and encourage everyone to apply.

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