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Shopify always seeks the curious, the resourceful, the creative, and the humble. We’re looking for passionate people across our Engineering and Development teams to build vitally needed products now.

For more about what Shopify’s Engineering culture is all about, check out this job description 
IBK Ajila — Director of Engineering: Retail Products
HARIS Mahmood — Senior Developer

Developers like you are creating a more independent world.

Your vision, supported by Shopify

Building great software is a highly creative, collaborative process. We provide you with the best technical tools, and offer a high degree of trust and independence, so you can create important new software.

Join a team with relentless curiosity

It’s [more than] okay to explore paths that become dead ends. We value context gathering and craft growth.

Help make commerce
accessible for all

A place to match your drive and ideas

Commerce is rapidly expanding, and it benefits from more voices rather than fewer. Apply your skills to making a tangible difference for business owners around the world.

Solve the problems of today - and prepare for tomorrow

We maintain close ties with independent business owners to better anticipate their needs and understand their challenges. Join our efforts.

Help us lead the way for entrepeneurs.

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