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Senior Front End Developer - Merchant Reporting

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Specialty Front-End Development
Team Front End Development

About the role

Shopify has one of the largest front end architectures in the world, and our front end development team works on making our client-side scalable, approachable, and an exceptional experience for hundreds of thousands of shop owners across the world. Their goal is to make the complex approachable for merchants, and to enable the rest of our R&D organization to build UI of the highest code quality and best user experience possible.

We’re looking for a Senior Front End Developer to join our Merchant Reporting team. Shopify merchants use hundreds of data points to understand how their businesses are performing. Making sense of all that data is one of their biggest challenges. Our team’s mission is to build the best place for merchants to find meaning, insights, and data about their business.

You'll be working on:

  • Building beautiful web applications that are responsive, performant, and accessible.
  • Writing large-scale CSS and JavaScript and documenting components in our UX Style Guides
  • Developing React components and managing data-flow using libraries like Redux, Apollo, GraphQL, etc.
  • Creating data visualizations using Highcharts, D3 and other libraries.
  • Ruby on Rails to add and modify controllers, models, views, etc.
  • Learning the latest front end technologies and standards to ensure we are always using the best tools and techniques possible.
  • Collaborating with other disciplines across engineering, UX, and Product to help develop front end solutions to merchant problems.
  • Being an advocate throughout the company for great UX

You'll need to have experience with:

  • Developing large front-end applications that perform well on all devices using modern web languages and frameworks.
  • Using Modern JavaScript as a programming language.
  • Working with large amounts of data efficiently to transform and pipe it to the application front end.
  • Modern web stacks (transpilers, linters, build and CI tools, etc.)
  • Building maintainable and scalable CSS, using architectural patterns like BEM, SMACSS, or other.
  • Write and maintain unit and integration tests for our views and components.
  • Providing highly effective code reviews and peer support.
  • Working in a cross-discipline environment with designers and other developers to suggest and critique ideas, and prototype early concepts.

It would be great if you had experience with:

  • Building reporting tools and data visualization.
  • Rails-oriented developer tools or integrating front end into a Rails application.
  • Developing React components, managing data-flow using libraries like Redux.
  • Educating, scaling, or collaborating on new techniques, technologies, and processes within a company or community.
  • Deep understanding of specific client-side areas, for example animations, performance, accessibility.
  • Collaborating on projects or providing mentorship on the stack you love.
  • Critically evaluating a front end framework

About Shopify

At Shopify, we care deeply about making commerce better for everyone. This mission began when our founders started an online business selling snowboards. Existing software was expensive and so hard to use that it made their dream of entrepreneurship feel impossible. So they changed their focus and started developing Shopify to enable anyone with something to sell to easily start, run, and grow their business. Today, Shopify empowers more than 377, 500 merchants from all over the world to succeed at entrepreneurship. Our mission is ambitious and we're always looking for great people to join us.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in helping us shape the future of commerce, click the “Apply now” button to submit your application.

Please address your cover letter to Greg Thorpe and include a link to a few samples of your work you’re proud of: a portfolio, code samples and/or Github account, or whatever represents what you do best.

Experience comes in many forms, many skills are transferable, and passion goes a long way. If your experience is this close to what we’re looking for, consider applying. We know that diversity of thought makes for the best problem-solving and creative thinking, which is why we're dedicated to adding new perspectives to the team and encourage everyone to apply.

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