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Luvme Hair Increases Conversions by 40% with Shopify Plus

Luvme Hair develops and produces wigs that are comfortable and fashionable. Its founder, Helena Lee, felt the market was saturated with low-quality, overpriced wigs. To solve a gap in the market and provide consumers with a solution, she started Luvme Hair in 2014 with a vision to create uncompromising, high-quality wigs that empower women of all ages and backgrounds to express their unique personalities. Luvme Hair observes user behavior and conducts user interviews to gain insights into the voice of user feedback for product development and product improvement. Constantly optimize the wear resistance, material and style of wigs, setting a new industry standard for wig categories.


In 2015, Luvme Hair pivoted towards direct-to-consumer (DTC) and launched its website with the help of an outsourced web development team. This was when problems began to surface.

Website performance was unstable, and basic tasks like adding payment methods or optimizing the shopping process could only be implemented by enlisting and paying for the help of a developer. In addition to these frustrations, there was no easy route to expanding into markets overseas. Helena would have to create a new website to support each market, and subsequently absorb the development costs to build and maintain those websites.  

Luvme Hair needed an intuitive platform that was easy to customize without the enlisting developers, and helped the brand expand into new geographies. 


Luvme Hair switched to Shopify Plus, and the team instantly loved how quickly it could add website features and make changes with zero programming experience, virtually eliminating ongoing development and maintenance costs. Shopify’s extensibility enabled Luvme Hair to effortlessly add payment methods like PayPal to its online checkout, and website stability was now consistently excellent. 

With the basics taken care of, Luvme Hair turned to several Shopify Plus features to power its international expansion revenue growth. 

Firstly, Shopify Plus's expansion stores allowed Luvme to create localized stores for overseas customers that reflect the markets they serve. In addition to faster deployment, each international site was just as easy to manage as its parent website, all from Shopify admin.

Secondly, Shopify Scripts gave Luvme’s team the ability to deploy automated flash sales for different geographies that included fixed, automatic, and tiered discounts.

Lastly, Shopify Flow helped Luvme optimize its tiered membership program, which lets shoppers earn points for transacting on the brand’s website, following its social media accounts, or participating in brand activations, progressing to higher tiers and better rewards as they go. VIP customers are categorized into ‘star divisions’ to help Luvme’s team further understand their preferences and create bespoke remarketing programs to increase the lifetime value of this cohort. 


Shopify Plus has helped Luvme Hair fast-track its expansion plans and improve its customer experience. 

Flash sales have turned from a gimmick into a serious revenue generator, with conversion rates 50% higher than regular activities. Shoppers are more engaged than ever before thanks to its revamped loyalty program, with checkout conversions increasing by 40%. With the improvements to the brand’s back-office operations, customer service representatives have been able to serve 60% more customers daily.

Customers continue to love Luvme’s ready-to-go wig, which has greatly simplified fitting and is versatile, with options for customers who want 360 lace wig all the way through to 4C wig and full variations. With global fanfare and the tools it needs to scale, Luvme is on track for worldwide success.

Shopify Plus has put us on the fast track to scalable development worldwide. We now have the tools to grow the business and create a strong membership system that delivers value to our loyal customers

Luvme Hair

Helena Lee — Founder


Health, Beauty, and Cosmetics

Previous platform



Shopify Scripts, Shopify Flow

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Global Commerce

With Shopify, Luvme Hair saw results fast.


lift in flash sale conversion rates


increase in checkout conversions


more customers helped daily

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