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Vosges Haut-Chocolat increased revenue and cut costs by partnering with Uncap for a new, customer-first site

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After studying culinary arts and apprenticing all over the world, Katrina Markoff wanted to fuse her love of chocolate and entrepreneurship into one. So, in 1998, Vosges Haut-Chocolat was born. Markoff sought to create an online experience as remarkable as its chocolates, but a custom website created a lot of functionality and maintenance problems. Markoff needed a new recipe to elevate the brand’s digital experience.

Vosges turned to Uncap, a Shopify Plus agency, to reimagine its ecommerce instance and deliver a new and improved storefront with advanced functionality. Uncap rebuilt the online store from the ground up by leveraging Shopify Plus and its app ecosystem. The partner used content blocks to better represent the brand story and products, integrating popular apps like Recharge Subscriptions, Klaviyo, and Smile to drive recurring revenue through digital engagement, loyalty, and retention. Additionally, advanced cart features were implemented, including the ability to pre-select ship date, add gift notes, or denote corporate and personal orders for seamless and custom fulfillment.

Shopify Plus not only allowed us to create a visually stunning website, it created a much cleaner and more seamless shopping experience. Its solid foundation enabled us to rapidly scale our direct-to-consumer business efficiently while providing a wide range of digital tools and technical support to accelerate our growth.

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Katrina Markoff — CEO


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Growth and Scale, Apps and Integrations, Replatforming and Upgrades

With Shopify, Vosges Haut-Chocolat saw results fast.


increase in transactions year-over-year


increase in online revenue


reduction in developer costs

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