Find influencers who drive sales

Collaborate with creators to promote your products to new audiences.

Influencer database

Search millions of creators to find ones who align with your brand.

Gift tracking & fulfillment

Send creators products and discounts right from your Shopify store.

Affiliate links & codes

Create unique discount codes and referral links to track sales driven by creators.


Easily track and pay affiliate commissions through PayPal.
Person faces right while touching their earring.Woman smiling and touching her hair against a blue sky background.Smiling woman showcases her necklace and rings on her hands.

Pick creators who fit your brand

Find creators who align with your brand and invite them to apply to your affiliate program. Creators can also apply directly from your application page.
A collage of three images of creators. In the bottom left, you see the name of a creator (Nicki Bautista), the number of her followers (6,500), where she is located (Canada), and a link to view her application.

Give gifts that give back

Show, don't tell. Send creators samples and discounts so they can bring your products to life with authentic stories for their fans.
A collage of two images. On the left, a serum bottle labeled “Timeless Serum” and a button underneath labeled “Send this gift.” On the right, a product page of gifts to send. In the left column are the product images: a lotion tube, liquid eyeliner, and a set of bracelets. On the right, each product is labeled with the brand and product: “Krave Beauty / Makeup Re-Wined” “DOE Lashes / “Neo-liner” “OXB / Bangle”.

Measure success in one place

Track the performance of your affiliate program with easy-to-understand analytics. Keep tabs on the creators and products that are driving sales.
A bar graph depicting affiliate sales labeled “$122.85 in Affiliate Sales”. One of the bars is highlighted and in the upper left corner, theres a smiling woman, indicating shes the one responsible for those sales. At the bottom are other images of creators.

Authentic content sells products

Start collaborating with creators today.