Shopify Collective

Curate products to sell with brands you love

Collective is an effortless new way for Shopify stores to connect and sell each other's products—all inside Shopify.


Grow sales through Shopify retailers

Get discovered by top US retailers looking for complementary products to sell, and boost your reach and revenue fast.

Shopify Collective is free to use for eligible Shopify stores based in the US.

They sell, you ship

Sell your products through quality Shopify retailers by connecting your stores and syncing inventory, all inside Shopify. Customers check out seamlessly on retailers’ stores, you pack and ship orders direct to their doors.

Start working together in minutes

Empower retailers to sell your products in just a few clicks—natively from your Shopify admin.


Connect with Shopify stores

Get discovered via Collective’s native discovery experience for retailers, or sync with your existing partners on Shopify in minutes.

Create custom price lists

Use price lists to curate collections of products for specific retailers to import and sell, with pricing and margins that you decide.

Boost your reach

Make it easy for retailers to say yes to more of your products. Ship direct to their customers, eliminating inventory risk, and cashflow worries.
"Shopify Collective is a no-brainer. It automates all the important work. It’s native to Shopify, so you don’t have to buy and learn new software, and there are no costs associated with it."


Rudy Valenta - Vice President of Americas
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More control, less work

Automate your operations and boost your brand reach—with no extra costs or resources.

Virtual Inventory

Ultrafast inventory syncing

Product details automatically adjust to fit your retailer’s Shopify store theme, while inventory and prices stay in sync.

Streamlined orders and shipping

Orders, tracking numbers, and shipping notifications auto-sync, for seamless customer experiences, and supply chain control.

Fast automatic payments

Get paid automatically by retailers as soon as you ship orders to their customers.

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I’m a supplier

Expose your brand to new customers, and unlock a whole new sales channel.

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I’m a retailer

Sell complementary products from top Shopify brands, without any inventory costs or commitments.

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Shopify Collective is free with all Shopify plans for eligible Shopify stores in the US, with Shopify Payments activated.