Shopify Collective

Curate products to sell with brands you love

Collective is an effortless new way for Shopify stores to connect and sell each other's products—all inside Shopify.


Multiply sales with complementary products

Grow customer carts and boost profits by selling products imported from other Shopify stores—without buying inventory.

Shopify Collective is free to use for eligible Shopify stores based in the US.

You sell, they ship

Discover products you love from quality Shopify brands in the US, and connect on Shopify to sync inventory in seconds. Customers buy on your store, your suppliers fulfill and ship products direct to their doors.

Make more money per order

Drive up your average order value (AOV) with complementary products that give customers reasons to buy more.


Import new products in seconds

Hand-pick what you want to sell and sync from supplier store to yours, directly in Shopify.


One seamless checkout

Customers check out once on your store, no matter which brands are in their carts.


Increase your AOV

More products means bigger carts. Increase profits with typical margins of 20–40%.

What used to take many hours now takes us just a few minutes. Having Collective streamline everything enables our team to deploy more collaborations at a time. It’s a real productivity multiplier.

More control, less work

Own your customer experience, and simplify your workflows, all from your Shopify admin.

Virtual Inventory

Ultrafast inventory syncing

Keep an accurate view of inventory at all times, with continuous inventory and product price syncing from the moment you import products.


Streamlined orders and shipping

Orders, tracking numbers, and shipping notifications auto-sync, for seamless customer experiences, and total brand control.


Automatic payments at zero cost

Pay suppliers automatically with Shopify Payments, when they ship your orders—and with no fees.

Success stories

Lalo saw a 16% AOV boost via Collective

See how Lalo streamlined their operation, added new products, and boosted average order value through Collective.

OpenStore AOV soars 21% with Collective

Inventory sharing between stores is helping multi-brand owner OpenStore boost cart sizes and average order value.

Ten Thousand AOV jumps 46% from sell-out collaboration

Ten Thousand’s limited edition GORUCK product drop drove 16% net new sales.

Frequently asked questions

Shopify Collective for retailers is available to stores that meet the following criteria:

  • Based in the US and sell in US Dollars
  • Have Shopify Payments activated
  • Made at least $50,000 USD in the last 12 months
Install Shopify Collective for retailers. It’s currently free with your Shopify plan. If you have multiple Shopify stores, select the eligible store to which you want the app installed.

Get started by requesting pricing from brands whose products you want to sell, or by inviting your existing suppliers to connect with you on Collective. Once connected, your suppliers can share products for you to import to your store, and start selling.
Margins vary by supplier but typically range from 20-40%. Buy at their discounted price, and sell at their specified retail price. The profit you earn on each sale is all yours.

And because Collective’s shipping cost feature can automatically pass the cost of shipping from supplier store to your checkout, and back again following a sale, the profit margin you see is the profit margin you get. No deductions, no fees. You only pay your supplier for products once you’ve made a sale.
Totally seamless. Their buying experience is with you. They shop with you, and check out once on your store, no matter which products are in their cart.

Behind the scenes, your customer’s order is automatically forwarded to the relevant suppliers, who fulfill and ship items direct to your customer. Tracking numbers sync from supplier store to yours automatically, triggering your usual branded shipping notifications to your customer.
Yes! You need Shopify Collective for suppliers, the Shopify sales channel especially for brands who want to get their products stocked by retailers. It gives you the tools to create price lists in order to make specific products available to specific retailers, with a price adjustment that you decide.

Enjoy the flexibility to be a retailer, a supplier, or both. Collective exists to help you sell more, together. You can supply your products to top quality Shopify brands, or sell their products on your own store, without any inventory costs or commitments.

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Sell complementary products from top Shopify brands, without any inventory costs or commitments.

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Expose your brand to new customers, and unlock a whole new sales channel.

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Shopify Collective is free with all Shopify plans for eligible Shopify stores in the US, with Shopify Payments activated.