Now Shopify Merchants Can Offer Their Customers Same-day Delivery Through Postmates

The days of waiting for the things we order online are coming to an end—finally.

Starting today, Shopify merchants can deliver their products—and a little instant gratification—to their local customers on-demand. We’ve partnered with same-day delivery service Postmates to help you get your products to your customers’ doors faster than ever, often in as little as an hour.

As of this morning, our integration with Postmates is live in over 200 cities across the United States. And, to kick things off, we’re giving eligible merchants up to $50 in free Postmates deliveries through May 3rd and 5th.

How does Postmates work?

After enabling Postmates, anytime a local customer checks out from your online store, they’ll be able to select Postmates as their delivery method. When they do, simply pack the order and request a pick up. In minutes, a Postmates courier will show up at your door to take the order wherever it needs to go. No post office, no lines, no delays.


With Shopify and Postmates, you and your customers can track the order from pickup to drop off. You can keep track of the order in real-time right from Shopify, and your customers will be emailed a link to Postmates live map so they can keep track, too.

How do I get started with Postmates?

If you're operating in any of the 200+ US cities Postmates is available, you can now begin offering your customer same-day delivery.

To set up on-demand delivery, simply enable Postmates from your shipping settings in Shopify. Then, fill in your contact details, your hours of operation, and any special delivery instructions, and click save. Once on-demand delivery is set up, anytime a local customer checks out from your online store during your specified hours, they’ll be able to select Postmates delivery as their shipping method.