Free Webinar Series: How to Create a Buying Frenzy on Black Friday 2016

According to TechRadar, Black Friday 2016 is poised to be the biggest shopping day ever recorded. And though most of the action typically happens within the US, analysts also predict a sharp increase in online sales throughout the UK and rest of the globe.

To help business owners capitalize on the trend, Shopify is holding a free webinar series geared towards preparing your store, maximizing your marketing efforts, and optimizing your social media.

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This series contains four webinars held between October 27, 2016 and November 17, 2016. Each highlighted a specific topic and strategy. Here’s what you’ll learn in each 60 minute webinar:

Black Friday Webinar Series #1: - Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy for Success

  • Optimizing your social media profiles for all your sales and promotions
  • How to drive traffic to your store during Black Friday using social media
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Register for Black Friday Webinar Series #2: - Email Marketing Tips & Strategies

  • How to build an email list in time for your Black Friday sale
  • 8 Black Friday email campaigns you can steal and use immediately
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Black Friday Webinar Series #3: - How to Create a Buying Frenzy

  • How to use urgency and scarcity to create a buying frenzy
  • What your product pages should look like for Black Friday
  • Advanced traffic tactics and conversion strategies
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Black Friday Webinar Series #4: - The 26-Point Checklist to Prepare Your Store for Black Friday

  • The ultimate checklist to get your store ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and put you in the best position possible to earn sales
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