7 Free Google Chrome Apps That Will Change Your Life

7 Free Google Chrome Apps That Will Change Your Life

As of 2016, Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, overtaking Internet Explorer to control over 40% of the market.  

We can talk all day about the unique features of Chrome, but I’m of the opinion that the Chrome Web Store – which houses an extensive library of Google Chrome extensions – is one of the main reasons for that widespread usage.

Not all Google Chrome extensions are worth downloading of course, but here are seven that will change the way you browse the web – forever.

1. Adblock

If you aren’t already using AdBlock, you’re doing this whole internet thing totally wrong.

With AdBlock, you’ll see (almost) no annoying ads springing across your screen as you go about your day. Without it, you will be pelted with advertisements from all corners of the web. Installing this one is a no brainer.

2. Pocket

Do yourself a favour and don’t stop to read an article in the middle of your day simply because it’s interesting. Use Pocket, instead.

With Pocket, you can quickly download articles, videos, and web pages so you can check them out later, even if you’re offline, and even if you’re using another device.

3. Google Dictionary

As much as I value the benefits of reading a book, reading content on the internet can be just as beneficial. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself.

By using Google Dictionary, you can quickly define any word on any website with just a couple of clicks. You’ll never misunderstand an article again – plus, you can say hello to an expanded vocabulary.

4. Bitly

If you’re leveraging the serious power of social media to grow your brand (and you really should be), then you’ll need the Bitly Google Chrome extension.

With it, you can quickly and seamlessly shorten any URL, making it ideal for sharing on platforms like Twitter, as well as Instagram and Snapchat.

5. Boomerang for Gmail

Ever wanted to send an email, but like, later?

Boomerang links up with Gmail to enable you to schedule your emails. Thus, you to send emails even when you aren’t online. Also, you can track emails you have sent, and set reminders within Gmail to help you stay on top of your tasks.

6. Note Anywhere

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to leave little notes on websites that you visit, only to have them reload whenever you return?

Well, with Note Anywhere, you can do exactly that. It let’s you add small, moveable notes to any website which will reload whenever you open the same webpage in the future.

7. OneTab

If you’re anything like me, you currently have at least fifteen tabs open.

With OneTab, you can click a button that will combine all open tabs into a list. From that list – which is housed within a single tab – you can access each tab individually, or restore them all at once if you so wish.

It’s a great way to get a grip on things when your tab-mad browsing session spirals out of control. Plus, it gives your CPU a break, giving it room to breathe when your device begins to slow down due to the stress of all those active tabs.

Tailor Your Browser

As much as I love the apps listed above, I strongly recommend browsing through the Chrome Web Store in order to truly optimize your web surfing experience.

After all, we all have our own unique browsing habits.

Which apps do you have installed on Google Chrome? Let us know in the comments section below!

About the Author

Kaya Ismail is a wordsmith and founder of Employ the Internet. He is a seasoned content marketer with a love for video games and coffee.


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