6 Tips to Stay Motivated as a New Entrepreneur

6 Tips to Stay Motivated as a New Entrepreneur


Being a new entrepreneur can be overwhelming. The fear of the unknown is real, and sometimes you feel like you’re completely lost. Pick yourself up in the dark moments with these motivating tips and remember that you don’t have to be in this alone.

1. Find a Mentor

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or seek out someone who has entrepreneurial experience and let them guide you. It’s important to have someone in your life that is trustworthy for sharing business ideas with, can teach you their learnings, and who can support you through big challenges and fails.

2. Get Inspired

Take some time regularly to go back to what inspired you to start your path. Was it a museum exhibit? A hike in nature? Most likely, whatever got your creative juices flowing in the first place will get you motivated again. Don’t feel guilty for leaving your work; using this time as inspiration will only help to open your mind and let you grow.

3. Use Competition to Lift You Up, Not Bring You Down

Of course you’ll be comparing yourself to others with similar paths. You’re most likely scrolling through their perfectly curated Instagram or reading success stories in your Facebook feed on a daily basis, but use the competition as a motivator. Don’t feel down because someone is ahead of you in the game or doing a better job in your head. Everyone’s journey is different, so keep that in mind when doing your competitive research. Staying positive and using comparison as a gift or guide will help push you to be better.

4. Keep Your Goals in Check

It’s good to set goals and write them down, but try to make them specific and realistic. Vague goals will yield vague results while creating a list you can actually check off will empower you to keep going. Whether they are daily or weekly goals, weigh each one out and write them down. You can also use this as a motivation tool by saving your finished lists and looking back at them periodically to see what you’ve accomplished.

5. Stay Focused!

Daily happenings can blur your vision and have yourself asking “why am I doing this?”. Setting an intention for your business each day will help you stay on track, and allow you to let go of the little things that creep up on you. With your focus set, you are easily able to hold on to the positive and brush off the negative when it comes to business and growth.

6. Work with Others

If you’re a one man or woman show, it may be helpful to surround yourself with like minded people while you work to beat boredom and loneliness. Find a work buddy and schedule weekly meetups at coffee shops, a coworking space, or a park to form camaraderie and add to your growing business network.

With the ups and downs new business brings, keeping these tips in mind while moving at your own pace will help you stay sane and positive. Remembering what motivated you to become an entrepreneur, forming key relationships along the way, and setting reasonable goals will all add to your growth and success.


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