BFCM by the numbers

Watch as the biggest shopping weekend in North America unfolds for Shopify merchants around the world.

Top sales categories

The biggest buys

Here are some of the top-selling items around the world.

= 4,068 items bought

Last updated: 11:39 AM EST

  • Apparel

    1,423,864 items bought

  • Accessories

    917,346 items bought

  • Housewares

    531,776 items bought

  • Shoes

    202,804 items bought

  • Makeup

    169,609 items bought

  • Electronics

    140,813 items bought

  • Food

    36,600 items bought

  • Games

    34,274 items bought

= 4,068 items bought

Last updated: 11:39 AM EST

Top locations

Buying hot spots

Here are the cities and U.S. states with the highest purchasing activity.

Last updated: 12:13 AM EST

2017 BFCM Shipping Distance

Shopify merchants shipped packages 12.6 billion miles

Solar system not to scaleEarthVoyager 1All BFCM shipping13.1 billion miles12.6 billion miles0 miles All BFCM shippingVoyager 113.1 billion miles12.6 billion milesEarth0 milesSolar system not to scale

A global phenomenon

BFCM’s worldwide impact

Here’s how BFCM affected sales around the world.

5.3 x2.34 xSouth AfricaAverageBFCM4.85 x2.24 xSpainAverageBFCM3.55 x2.05 xUnited KingdomAverageBFCM3.01 x2.3 xCanadaAverageBFCM2.99 x1.42 xGermanyAverageBFCM2.19 x1.8 xFranceAverageBFCM1.75 x1.41 xIrelandAverageBFCM1.52 x1.44 xSingaporeAverageBFCM1.49 x1.49 xChinaAverageBFCM

Mobile vs. desktop

Mobile flexes its muscle

Here’s how the world went shopping this BFCM.