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Mac Tools’ new site, launched in 90 days, increased orders 25%

An assortment of Mac Tools displayed on top of a rolling tool cabinet

There are historic American brands and then there is Mac Tools, the signature tool maker that has built itself a hallmark legacy since 1938. Now part of the Stanley Black & Decker family, Mac Tools and its more than 1,200 wholesale distributors has come a long way since its first Ohio production facility. But was its website enabling the future this iconic company needed?

Through its custom platform, simple ideals like product discoverability, or adding more than three items to cart, or even wholesale selling—which still required a fax machine, pen, and paper—were pain points. In just 90 days, the company migrated to Shopify Plus, where Mac Tools has become emboldened on a new path ahead, one that includes a revitalized emphasis on selling direct to consumer, selling business to business, and scaling into a new stratosphere befitting a brand with more than 80 years of experience to draw from.

Partnering with Shopify Plus enhanced our ecommerce platform with advanced search functionality, mobile features, a distributor and franchisee finder, and a cutting-edge customization tool which enables us to deliver a streamlined experience to our users and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Stanley Black & Decker

Katherine Monasebian — President & GM, North America Commerce


Tools and Hardware

Tidligere platform


Use case

Growth and Scale, Speed to Launch, B2B and Wholesale

Med Shopify fik Mac Tools hurtige resultater.


Increase in site visits since launch


Increase in total orders


Increase in weekly business to business orders

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