[Case Study] KITH Launches UberRUSH, Met With "Overwhelming Praise"

[Case Study] KITH Launches UberRUSH, Met With "Overwhelming Praise"

It’s 1 PM on a Monday in NYC and you’re online choosing your next pair of kicks to order. You find a pair that you like and order them. A couple of hours pass and your doorbell rings. You go downstairs to open the door only to find out that the your new pair of shoes has arrived, hand delivered.

How awesome would it be if this would work for real?

You order online and a couple of hours later your order arrives. Well, truth be told this is the reality already today in select markets. A couple of weeks ago Shopify and UberRUSH teamed up to reinvent local shipping:


To get a better understanding of this partnership, we had a chat with Austin Scotti from KITH, a contemporary menswear brand from New York. KITH was one of the first merchants to try out this UberRUSH partnership.

What has the response from your initial customers been like, plans for the future?

Our launch of the UberRUSH program has been met with overwhelming praise. Upon the debut, we were picked up by a myriad of news sites, while our customer engagement was at an all-time high.

Kith employees are really on the ground floor of our industry, which gives us the advantage of hearing what our customers discuss. The UberRUSH integration has been a frequent point of positive conversation.

As for our future plans, it’s tricky. Currently we don't know the lengths to which we can integrate this service into our everyday activities. The vast majority of our online product ships from a 3rd party warehouse, therefore we don't really sell store allocated quantities through our online shop. Saying that, we are discussing internally on how to best approach this situation.

On the back-end side of things, it’s been very simple for us. Being a sneaker store, our managers have had to deal with all sorts of craziness which has has prepared them for almost any situation. The Uber method was very easy for them, and it seems they made it very easy for Uber messengers as well.

Image via KITH

What does it mean for Kith's business to be able to offer such fast deliveries?

In New York, everything is hyper time-sensitive. People need things quickly.

Having the capability to offer customers the option of receiving their product within minutes, who are unable to come to our shop is really amazing. Especially given our very high demand business.

Going forward, do you see in-town deliveries becoming a significant driver of revenue for Kith?

We are still discussing this internally. We definitely see the benefits. I think it's more of a customer service aspect that drives engagement and user experience. Kith is an experience brand. We want our customers to remember the moments they purchased with us. This service definitely ties this in strongly.