Ecommerce RFP Template: 10 Questions & 157 Point Checklist for Replatforming

Ecommerce RFP Template: 10 Questions & 157 Point Checklist for Replatforming

Replatforming can be daunting. Especially when you operate in the $5 to $20 million revenue range. But if you’re ready to take action, we’ve prepared an Ecommerce RFP Template to help guide you. 


This isn’t a whitepaper about Shopify Plus. Nor is it a “comparison” on how we stack up against the competition.

Instead, you’ll get 10 must-answer questions for you and your team as well as a 157 point checklist you can tailor to your company’s needs:

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If you’re reading this, your business has reached a tipping point … driven by one of two causes:

  1. Growth
  2. Stagnation

Despite how different they sound, both manifest themselves with almost identical symptoms:

  • Mounting technical debt
  • Unreliable online performance
  • Lack of platform innovation
  • Rising costs for maintenance and hosting

The result?

Instead of focusing on your product, core competencies, delighting customers, and increasing revenue through multi-channel and international strategies … you’re forced to play catch up or stay afloat with existing traffic, sales, logistics, inventory, and analytics.

How Will an Ecommerce RFP Template Help?

A request for proposal (RFP) is a formal document announcing the bidding process and initial terms. RFPs can be shared publicly or with a select group of vendors.

The goals of issuing an ecommerce RFP are twofold.

First, to solidify your intentions and requirements internally. And second, to formalize those objectives in a way that lets you examine and evaluate prospective solutions on your terms … instead of theirs.

To guide you through that process, we’ve broken down the template into two sections:

1. Replatforming Preparation: 10 Questions

Before the RFP Template itself, there are 10 questions to set the stage for a smooth replatforming.

What’s crucial during preparation is to bring together internal stakeholders — as well as outside partners you want to continue working with — and align your primary business objectives, required platform features, and the limitations replatforming must solve.

Ecommerce RFP Template: 10 Preparation Questions

Sample pages from Replatforming Preparation: 10 Questions

2. Ecommerce RFP Template: 157 Point Checklist

After you’ve aligned your goals, what follows is a detailed, 157 point checklist to create an ecommerce RFP.

Rest assured, you won’t need to address every point. The template provides an easy-to-use outline you can pick and choose from.


First, by entering your company profile and replatforming needs into the “Executive Summary.” Second, by customizing exactly what you need to know in “Solutions: About Them.”

Ecommerce RFP Template: 157 Point Checklist

Sample pages from Ecommerce RFP Checklist: 157 Point Template

Ready to Get Started?

It’s true: replatforming can be daunting. But it can also be the path to exponential growth.

The secret is making what you need the centerpiece, rather than what potential platforms may want to highlight.

To do that, start with (1) your internal goals and (2) the requirements to get there. That focus is at the heart of the RFP template we’ve created: to make it about you, not us … nor anyone else.

Access the RFP template here

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