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Sell More With Beautiful Product Photography

Use this Photography Brief Template to plan and create every product photo your Ecommerce Store needs to sell products and build your brand.

A user interface with a bar graph in the middle and multiple emojis featuring console controller, first day to first sale banner, lamp, bottle, plus sign, smiling emoji and a credit card.

High-quality product photography can help you outsell your competitors. Since online shoppers can’t touch your products, they base their purchasing decisions on the value that your product photos convey.

This template makes it easy to plan creative product photos in a studio and lifestyle photos for brand campaigns. Whether you’re a DIY photographer or a business with the budget to hire professional help, it can help you showcase your brand, tell the story behind your product, and increase online sales and conversions.

A female in burgundy top smiling while holding her purchases in biege bags and looking away from a photographer. There are multiple decorations of different sizes and colors right behind her.

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