Shopify Fulfillment Network

Let us ship your orders for you

Our fulfillment network will pick, pack, and ship your orders so you can spend more time managing your business.

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Building the only end-to-end solution

You send us your products

Select items for fulfillment from inside your Shopify admin.

Three sizes of yellow wax Frostbeard scented candles labelled Old Books.
A neatly packed box moving along a conveyor belt.

We recommend inventory distribution

We suggest which of our fulfillment centers are best to stock your products so they are closer to your customers. This saves you time and shipping costs.

The map of North America that was at the top of the page now displays inventory statuses for hot sauce bottles across the US. In the Northwest the fulfillment center shows "10 days of inventory," in the Midwest it shows "3 days of inventory," on the East Coast it shows "4 days of inventory," in the Southeast it shows "12 days of inventory," and finally the Southwest shows "2 days of inventory."

An overhead shot of an organized fulfillment center that features a woman placing a box in Chuck, our collaborative robot.

We ship your orders

Make sales on as many Shopify channels as you want and orders will be picked, packed, and shipped automatically.

You delight your customers

Design great unboxing moments with your brand front and center.

The background map displays multiple nodes across the US each representing a delivered order.

White male hands reaching down to pick up cardboard box package from porch.
White male hands unboxing soy candle from cardboard packaging.
Inside an organized fulfillment center, a young man with a hat scans a bottle of hot sauce using Chuck, our collaborative robot. The background features different types of products on shelves, organized by SKU.

We’re building the most advanced, robotics-driven warehouses in the world to help businesses like yours fulfill fast and affordably.

Meet Chuck, a collaborative robot that improves fulfillment speed and accuracy.

Here’s how pricing works

After learning more about your business, our team creates a quote to support your unique needs. Every plan comes with access to our logistics experts, the Fulfillment Success Team.

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Manage one simple bill

Your fee is added to your regular Shopify subscription bill.

Customized pricing structure

Pricing is specially tailored to fit your business and comprised of four elements: inventory storage, pick pack rate, transportation, and special projects.

A person holds a mobile device in their left hand and on the screen a confirmation email reads: "Meet your team of fulfillment experts and logistics advisors. They’re here to help you get the most out of Shopify Fulfillment Network. Your appointment is confirmed for Thursday at 10:00 am." In the center of the email, there’s a green checkmark inside of a circle.

Innovative shipping and fulfillment solutions

Our powerful network combines innovative technology and a modern workforce to build the future of fulfillment.

Committed to accuracy and innovation

Collaborative robotic support ensures 99.5% order accuracy across the network.

Optimized order routing

Your inventory is distributed across the network to optimize order routing and reduce the carbon footprint.

Flexible and scalable

SFN supports businesses that ship as low as three orders per day and growing within North America.

Socially responsible

Our code of conduct holds partners accountable to fair pay, safe working conditions, and career opportunities.

Cardboard box background with small images of retail products and labels.

Merchant testimonial

“Working with the team at Shopify Fulfillment Network has been great because it’s given us the confidence to focus on other areas of our business. Before we were always holding the reins on growth and now having confidence on the fulfillment side lets us say okay, how do we want to grow this company?”

Noah Chaimberg | Heatonist
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More than just shipping

Explore the powerful features that make our network your true fulfillment partner.

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Order management

Take full control of your workflow with an integrated solution for managing your orders.

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Inventory management

Save time and manage your inventory from one place.

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Sell on as many Shopify channels as you want and know your orders will be shipped on time.

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Data control

Own your customer, sales, and inventory data to make informed decisions about business growth.

Learn more about data control 

Smart technology

Take the guesswork out of product distribution and replenishment.

Learn more about smart technology 

Fulfillment centers

Trust our network of fulfillment centers to be your business partner.

Learn more about fulfillment centers 
A neatly organized fulfillment center that features a woman selecting products off the shelf. Next to her, our collaborative robot, Chuck, waits to assist with the order.

Stay in control

Own your data

Control your data to make informed decisions about future business growth.

Improve your customers’ experience

Manage the moments that build brand loyalty and keep your business top of mind, from sale to delivery.

Get dedicated customer service

Depend on the Fulfillment Success Team to be your logistics advisors and connection to fulfillment centers.

Save time and ship fast

Get packages to customers quickly

Give your customers the quick, affordable delivery they expect⁠. Choose your delivery speed and we’ll make sure it arrives on time.

Flexible exchanges and returns

Give your customers flexibility with their orders and let fulfillment centers manage the process.

Manage products seamlessly

Connect your products to the network from your Shopify admin then customize any handling rules.

Three white packaging Stratia skincare bottles with pastel colour labels.

Grow your business

Track your business health

Receive real-time insights about inventory levels to see how your business is performing.

Join a network that scales with you

Stay close to customers and support your growing business by adding fulfillment centers when you need them.

Maintain accurate inventory levels

Keep track of your stock levels in your Shopify admin so you won’t run out of products.

Can Shopify Fulfillment Network support your business?

Apply online, or book a call with our sales team to learn more. We’ll help you get started and walk you through every step of the way.

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Shopify Fulfillment Network is for businesses that:

  • Sell in the United States or Canada
  • Ship a minimum of 3 orders per day
  • Don’t sell regulated or perishable products

Learn more about Shopify Fulfillment Network

An image of the outside of a fulfillment center that features three doors and a large, white truck. Two of the doors are closed and one of the doors is open to receive items from the truck.

From sustainable packaging to robotics, we’re looking for partners to help us grow the network.

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