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Drive sales with fast, affordable delivery

Let Shopify handle your order fulfillment, freight, storage, and returns, and gain access to Shop Promise, which can boost your sales by up to 25%.

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A smiling woman is holding a package and looking at a piece of paper. To the bottom left is a confirmation screen from the Shopify admin, verifying the fulfillment of a pair of sunglasses. To the upper right is the text “Free 2-day delivery”.

Fulfillment made easy, all within Shopify

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Faster delivery

We distribute your products to fulfillment centers across the United States so we can delight your customers with fast, affordable deliveries.

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Simple pricing

Scale your growth with predictable pricing that covers inventory management and delivery with no upfront costs.

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Smooth returns

Build customer trust with simple, reliable returns. We’ll inspect and restock your products, and provide updates. Also boost exchanges and customer retention through our Loop Returns integration.

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Reclaim your time

Manage your entire fulfillment process with Shopify. We handle inventory, storage, delivery and returns, so you can focus on growing your business.

Ship your orders as fast as large retailers

Delight your customers with fast, affordable delivery on their orders. Automatically display the delivery date on your online store and checkout pages to turn more visitors into confident customers.
A Shopify merchant’s product page displaying a Stovetop Espresso Maker with the text “ADD TO CART” and “Free 2-day delivery”. The Shop Promise logo is also included, alongside the delivery date and address of the customer.

On Cyber Monday our sales spiked to more than 16x our average and Shopify Fulfillment Network handled the surge in orders perfectly. We heard from many happy customers two days later that they'd already received their order!

Jimmy MacDonald


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You make the sale. Shopify handles the rest.

Simplify your logistics with Shopify. We handle freight, inventory management, storage, and delivery, so you can focus on growing your business. Let us make your operations easy.

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Data-driven inventory distribution

We’ll ensure fast delivery by placing your products closest to your customers, based on demand.

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Inventory storage

We’ll keep your orders flowing by storing your products and getting them ready for fulfillment.

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Order packing

Your orders will be packed safely and speedily. We can even include prepaid return labels.

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Delivering orders

Orders are delivered to your customers quickly and reliably, often in three days or less.

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Returns processing

We’ll inspect your returns, repackage undamaged products, and provide inventory status updates.

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Free, professional support

Seamlessly transition your fulfillment operations to Shopify and receive ongoing support from our team of fulfillment experts.

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A Shopify merchant checking product sales on her tablet. To the right is a graphic showing 218 total orders, to the bottom left an image of the mug that’s being sold.The inventory page of the Shopify Fulfillment Network app. There is a list of products and SKU numbers next to checkboxes. The products “Bubble Mug” and “Speckle Candle” are checked and ready to be fulfilled.A fulfillment center associate walks behind an autonomous mobile robot in a Shopify fulfillment center. To the upper right is an “Inbound transfers activity” graphic from the Shopify Fulfillment Network app, which shows a vase being sent from a merchant to our fulfillment center. The transfer is “Pending arrival”.

Need more control over your logistics?

Create a customized logistics solution by choosing the services you need within one platform. Easily manage both DTC and wholesale logistics. Add and change services as you grow and, if you like, use our open APIs.

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