chapter 22

Crowdfunding Is Hard...
But Rewarding

Here’s a fundamental lesson we’ve emphasized since the beginning of this guide: Crowdfunding is hard.

Even with the best advice and the direction of the most successful project creators out there, you’ll still have to struggle with promoting your campaign; creating an amazing landing page and video; manufacturing your product; delivering to funders; and building an enduring business afterwards. None of these are easy, and each require a significant investment in time and resources.

Every successful project creator we interviewed told us that creating and running their campaigns was a full-time affair. This was not a side thing that they did on nights and weekends: They quit their jobs to create and run a campaign.

If you decide to run a crowdfunding campaign, there are two things that you should accept: First, your campaign may not succeed. No matter how hard you try, you may never get momentum in terms of attention and funding. Second, even if your campaign does succeed, you may still have a very hard time shipping out your product. Many things can go wrong: manufacturing is difficult and unpredictable; shipping costs eat away at your funding; and your funders may turn irate when you’re late. Crowdfunding, both the campaign and the product manufacturing, is no cakewalk.

And here’s one more thing to keep in mind:

If you manage to raise the funds to manufacture your product, then you get to really pursue your dream. You’ve designed a product you love with the help of people who have bought into your vision, and you’re spending your time convincing other people to love it as much as you do.

Each of the entrepreneurs we’ve interviewed are incredibly proud and happy at the path they’ve taken. They’ve come up with an idea all by themselves, validated it with a crowdfunding campaign, and are selling it broadly and successfully.

We’ve given you advice on how to choose a product crowdfund; the tools you need to carry out a successful campaign; advice from successful project creators; a comparison of different crowdfunding platforms; and data to help you optimize the key parts of your campaign. We hope that with this guide you too will be able to take the path of those who have found crowdfunding success.

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