chapter 8

A Crowdfunding Checklist

Here's what to do before you launch your campaign:

Design and Prototype Your Product

  • Create a basic prototype to show prospective contributors that you know what you’re doing. Note that having a prototype is mandatory for launching on Kickstarter. You should also figure out out your shipping and fulfilment strategy.

Set Your Funding Goal

  • A rough rule of thumb is to calculate the costs of everything that you might need, and then double it. Ask for that amount.

Film Your Video

  • Your video is the most compelling way to tell your story. Tell us why the world needs your product, your progress so far, and why you’re the right person to back.

Create Visual Assets

  • Make your page pretty. Give people something to relate to with your pictures and your copy.

Launch a Website

  • You’re going to have a lot links and visitors. Try to grab that attention on a platform you own, for better SEO and to solidify a following.

Set Rewards/Perks Levels

  • Set a big range of rewards, from very low levels for people who want to be part of the project, to very high levels for the really dedicated fans.

Set the Length of Your Campaign

  • Your campaign can run between 0 to 60 days. Most successful campaigns are run for between 30 to 40 days.

Reach Out to Press

  • Don’t wait until you launch before you reach out to press. Start the outreach early, so that you have coverage on the day you launch.

Hit Publish!

  • Now go out there and make your dreams a reality.


Crowdfunding Checklist

Use this checklist to check whether your campaign is good to go.

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