chapter 52

Hire Kit, Your Virtual Employee

Kit is your virtual marketing employee that runs Facebook ads, sends thank you emails to drive repeat sales and so much more. Instead of hiring an expensive marketing expert, you can use Kit for free to help manage your store and execute marketing tasks for you.

How does Kit work?

Kit integrates with your Shopify store, Facebook, Instagram and other Shopify marketing apps so that you can execute various marketing campaigns that you don’t have time to launch manually. Whether it’s about growing your Facebook following or promoting your newest product, Kit creates the ad, targets your customers and manages the budget you approve. You simply provide instructions via SMS, Telegram or Facebook Messenger and Kit does everything for you.

Kit’s Skills

Here are all the different tasks you can delegate to Kit:

  • Write ad messages, recommend audience targeting and budget
  • Post Facebook updates
  • Post Instagram photo and video ads
  • Retarget visitors with Facebook ads
  • Send personalized thank you emails
  • Automate email marketing campaigns

To make sure you’re running the best campaigns possible, Kit integrates with a number of apps to help you run your business and reach more customers. Tell Kit to run product discounts, gather reviews from customers, or recover abandoned carts. You can learn more about Kit Skills and app integrations here.

Kit’s Goals

If you’re not sure what you need to do to get your first sale, set a goal for Kit and it’ll recommend marketing campaigns to achieve your goals. With Kit goals, you can aim to make your first sale, build a larger Facebook audience or even learn the right audiences to target with future ads. Goals make it easier for you to focus on the rest of your business while Kit works to grow it.

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