chapter 3

Get Busy on Youtube

YouTube usually ranks around the second or third most popular search engine on earth. It provides a powerful tool for business owners and has an unlimited amount of creative ways in which you can drive traffic and sales to your ecommerce store.

One of the main advantages of YouTube, is that your video will be included in Google and YouTube search results. Each video you create is a piece of inbound marketing content that will help you sell for years to come.  You can also use YouTube videos on your own website to help communicate the benefits of your products. 

How a YouTube Video Helps You Sell

It's all about product videos. Let’s say you sell jewelry online. Create a short video showing off a unique piece that you carry. For example, let’s say you sell a piece of jewelry called "heart within a heart." To help drive online sales of this item, you could create a video showcasing the design, material and luster of this piece of jewelry.

When you upload your videos to YouTube, there are three things you need to pay close attention to:

  1. The Title – The title of your video is what will bring the targeted customers in. So be very mindful of how you title your video. Think of keywords your target customers may be searching for to find your products.
  2. Link Back to Your Product Pages – In the description of the video, be sure to link back to your product pages. That’s how you can get the casual YouTube video viewer to become a customer.
  3. Your Tags – Tags are a good way to attract YouTube users by interest. They also act as keywords that help people find your video. The important thing to remember with tags is to list your most important tags first.

How to Make YouTube Videos

The number one road block to starting with YouTube comes from people’s fear of video editing. Lucky for you, video editing has never been easier. Here are some simple ways to create your own videos with no experience or big upfront costs.

iPhone Editing

Honestly, you can go to town and shoot pretty decent video with your iPhone, edit the video and upload it to YouTube without ever having to use a computer. 

  • iMovie – We recommend trying this app first. iMovie’s learning curve is really easy. It puts out great looking video and gets you on your way quickly. The app is currently priced at $4.99 - which honestly is a joke, considering how powerful a tool like this is.
  • Reel Director – Just as easy to use as iMovie and at $1.99 – it’s worth having a back-up video editing app. 

If you are an Android user, there are plenty of video editing apps out there. Magisto and VidTrim are some of the popular apps on the market.

Online Video Editing

If you want to avoid dealing with apps and downloading software altogether, you can edit video entirely in the cloud these days.

  • YouTube Editor – Good old YouTube has a simple online video editor that allows you to do transitions and text.
  • WeVideo – Another online option that works on any browser and it excels at collaborating with other people who may be working with you.

Desktop Video Editing
If you’re a Mac user, again we suggest using iMovie (but not the iPhone app version). It’s a free application that makes video editing a breeze. If you’re a PC user - we’ve personally always been a huge fan of Camtasia. Not only is it video editing software, it does screen recording as well.  It’s similar to iMovie in that it has an easy learning curve.

What Kind of Content Should You Produce?

This is where you can really open up the creative floodgates. The most boring thing you can do is simply film your product and talk over the video. “We have this widget in red, blue and black. Please click the link below to buy it.”

But we understand that it will come down to a battle of creativity vs. how much time you have to make videos.

If you decide to really invest time into making an awesome YouTube channel and dedicate a lot of time and energy into it (and yes, it will take a lot of time and energy), you may find this will be your go to marketing source for years to come. In our opinion a YouTube channel is as powerful as having your own Cable television channel.

Trust us though, it's all well worth the effort. For example, Luxy Hair who sells hair extensions online has built a million dollar business built primarily off the back of providing helpful and engaging content on YouTube.

In general, some categories of content for you to consider are:

  • Educate – Chances are you know a lot about your products and the world surrounding them. Produce videos such as visual buyer’s guides, compare and contrast demonstrations, and “how-to” videos. 
  • Solve Problems – One of the main reasons people conduct searches on YouTube is to find a solution to a problem. Instructional videos always make great video content. You could probably go on for years showing your customers how to solve problems through videos.
  • Interview Professionals – In some cases, great content can be created by interviewing professionals in your industry. If you’re in a sporting goods industry, usually interviewing professional or even amateur athletes can make great content. But even professionals in woodworking or cosmetic industries have very valuable things to say to your audience.
  • Describe Phenomenal Products – If you have some truly newsworthy products in your inventory, then go ahead and create videos explaining the amazing features of these products.

YouTube Power Tips

Take Advantage of Your Free Links

Be sure to link to your product or category webpage inside your YouTube description. 

Not only does this help direct YouTube traffic to where people can buy your products, it also helps with your search engine optimization efforts. 

Track Your Video Performance with Youtube Analytics

With YouTube analytics, not only can you monitor your views over time, but you can also get to the bottom of things like the source of traffic, your audience demographic, as well as how well your video retains attention.

Keep Your Introductions Short and Get to the Point

It’s a common newbie mistake to produce long and dramatic branded video introductions. By all means brand your introductions by displaying your logo within the first few seconds on your video. But get straight to the point. Get to your message quickly - no longer than 3 seconds into the video.

Studies have found that people’s attention spans drop off very quickly when watching videos. So don’t have really long videos. Try to keep them below two minutes in length unless you are producing an educational video. Either way, video content is one sure way to rake in that first sale.

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