chapter 23

Create a Youtube Channel

Having a YouTube channel can be one of the strongest marketing and sales tools you’ll ever own. If you think about it, it’s like having your own cable channel with your programming promoting your business playing on it 24/7 and the best part is that it’s completely free.

But the barrier for most business owners is simply the ability to produce videos and really having the time to make them. But that’s what we want to get out of your head. So don’t think: “Well if I have some free time, I’ll try to make some videos.”

Thinking that way will never get your channel going. You need to set aside time to produce video. And the way you really need to shape your mind is to think of these videos as your bread and butter. If they become instrumental towards driving your business growth, you’re going to make sure you get them done.

Think Like You Run a Cable TV Channel

Your YouTube channel is basically a free cable TV network. You can produce and air as many shows as you want, whenever you want. It’s really an awesome marketing tool if you devote time and energy to it. The trick is to keep producing videos consistently without ever stopping. There are just too many added benefits for you to not keep your YouTube channel up and running.

Here are some ideas on what kind of video content you can produce on a regular basis:

  • Weekly educational videos – The most obvious way for any online business is to produce weekly (or daily if you can swing it) videos that educate your niche. Whatever it is that you sell, you’re most likely an expert on the subject and you have a lot of inside information to give your audience. If you sell skateboards, explain how to do certain skateboarding tricks. If you sell jewelry, explain how to properly clean rings and necklaces. If you sell art, explain how to frame pictures or keep art safe from degradation from ultraviolet light. You know you can go on forever when you get to talk about your business’s subject matter. All you need to document all this content that already resides in your brain is a mobile phone that shoots video.

  • Testimonials from customers – Every once in a while you can throw in a video testimonial from a happy customer. These are really powerful because it’s so easy to fake a written testimonial. Plus as you collect this video content, you can embed them on different pages of your website to help increase conversions. Imagine seeing really powerful testimonials during your checkout process? Feel free to incentivize happy customers and try to persuade them to send you a video testimonial.
  • Product reviews – This is another easy kill. You can do comprehensive video reviews of products you sell and embed them on your product pages. Your efforts will pay double because you’ll also get search engine traffic to your YouTube videos.

Create a Program Schedule

A really important technique for maintaining your broadcasting frequency is to create a program schedule. What it does is keep you accountable to make sure you keep producing video content in a consistent manner. You may want to display your program schedule publicly to put that extra pressure on yourself to keep your viewers happy.

Finally, a great way to make sure you get video produced every week without fail is to delegate this work out to someone else. If you have employees or are willing to pay youngsters in your area, it’s a great idea to try to build a process that someone else can follow to easily make videos for your channel.

6 YouTube Channel Tips

  • Branding – One thing you should take advantage of when you create your YouTube channel are the branding options they provide. 
  • Channel icon – This is basically your profile picture. Generally the best thing to do is to use your logo to keep your branding consistent. 
  • Channel art – Not as necessary, but it would be wise to upload artwork or photographs that works well with your overall brand strategy. 
  • Create a Trailer – Trailers are fun ways to introduce your channel to people. One of the easiest things to do is to create a montage of video clips that shows some of the “best-of” moments from your channel’s previous videos. Try to entice people into subscribing to your channels with a great trailer video. 
  • Link Overlays – You are allowed to overlay four links to social media websites and one to your own web property. The best thing to do is to only link to your own website and leave out the social links because they will be an added distraction.
  • Create Custom Thumbnails – You should create custom thumbnails to help advertise your channel videos. Create artwork that is consistent with your brand and that draw attention. Otherwise, you’ll end up with default thumbnails provided by YouTube that will add random visual noise to your channel. 

Promoting Your Channel and Your Videos

By default the search engines will start indexing your videos and they will bring you a little bit of traffic at first. But you can do some extra pushing to get your videos circulating and your channel popular:

  • Incorporate videos in your email newsletter – The beauty of creating video content is that it becomes easy filler for your other marketing channels. You’ll definitely want to promote each video for certain days of your newsletter mailings.
  • Incorporate videos into your blog – You can use your video as a single blog post and transcribe the audio of the video into text for your blog article. 
  • Attach videos to your email signature – If you make videos that you are extremely proud of, attach them to your email signature. This is an overlooked marketing opportunity, because the one-on-one emailing you do as a business owner provides a lot more engagement for the recipient. And since you most likely email several times a day, you’ll rack up hundreds if not thousands of video views before you know it.
  • Promote your videos through your social media outlets – Each time you product a video, be sure to promote it on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Make sure to use hashtags to denote any product types or brands you mention in your video.

The benefits of video can take a while to kick in. But when they start kicking in, they are a game changer for your business. So put in the effort and try your best to produce quality and beneficial videos. Your business will thank you for it. 

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