chapter 2

How On-Demand Delivery Works


Think of on-demand delivery as the key to unlocking your local marketplace. Within this marketplace, merchants, customers, and couriers work together to connect local sellers to local buyers, allowing you to compete with your global retailer competition. On-demand delivery allows you to use your understanding of the local population and the events happening in your neighbourhood or city to expand your local customer base and differentiate your brand.


Pricing for Shopify’s current partners is based on a combination of time and distance to your customer. Both UberRUSH and Postmates start between either a $5 or $6 flat rate and charge based on time and distance thereafter.

Level of Service

Shopify partners are required to provide a high standard of service -- delivery couriers are professional and supplied with the equipment necessary to get your products to customers as if they bought it in store themselves. Couriers may deliver products by foot, bike, or car.

The Upshot: When you fulfill an order with on-demand delivery, you set the wheels in motion for the delivery partner to coordinate product pickup and drop-off between you and your customer.

Here's a quick video to show you how it works:

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