chapter 13


Your product images define your brand voice and create the ever more important in ecommerce first impression. From social media to your product page, photos serve as brand ambassadors shaping the consumer experience by offering key information at a glance. Images grab and hold attention more than any other element of your product page or marketing channels. So investing in product photography in order to make these key touch points more effective in communicating quality and consistency is vital.

Optimization is important for every aspect of your operation – from logistics and customer service to store design and user experience. Introducing structure and consistency to your product photography makes for a smooth visual journey and creates a seamless user experience. A polished look and a friction-free user experience lead to trust and consumer loyalty, which ultimately increase your retention rate and consumer lifetime value.

Your product photography doesn’t have to cost a lot in order to achieve results that will delight your customers and optimize your conversion. You can use almost any camera as long as you pay close attention to your lighting and background and take your time to understand post-processing. The key is to understand your product category, keep a consistent theme, and optimize your images to look great on all devices. Make your images engaging, informative, and consistent so you can better convert and retain customers for years to come.

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