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With Shopify Flow, W. Titley & Co.’s revenue increased 190%

W. Titley & Co. three females

After four generations, provider of quality country and western wear W. Titley & Co. remains a family-run business to this day. But with five physical stores and more than 42% of its overall sales made online, the retailer needed to make its website look better and increase ease of use. After struggling with the functionality of its previous platform, the company switched to Shopify before shortly upgrading to Shopify Plus to support its rapid growth.

Partner involvement has been key in the W. Titley & Co. online journey, with Retail Express and Shopify Plus Solutions Partner The Hope Factory advising on the brand’s optimization efforts, such as its capitalizing on Shopify Flow to hide out of stock products and flag high-risk orders. Using Flow, W. Titley & Co. recorded a 36% increase in conversion rates by including how much more customers need to spend to unlock free shipping as they shop in real time, as well as featuring icons at checkout for fast shipping and free returns.

Shopify Plus looks good on the front end and is easy to navigate at the back end. It’s very easy to train someone else to use Shopify Plus. We have a professional-looking, clean, and easy-to-use website, which is changing all the time. The ability to bring in different apps is also really helpful.

W. Titley & Co.

Tony Titley — Director


Fashion and Apparel


Retail Express, The Hope Factory

Previous platform

Adobe Commerce


Shopify Flow

Use case

Growth and Scale

With Shopify, W. Titley & Co. saw results fast.


Increase in revenue


Increase in return customer rate


Increase in average order value

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