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Kate Hewko fuels growth with 3.9x return on ad spend using Shopify Audiences

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Kate Hewko is a Calgary-based, contemporary women's fashion brand, specializing in clothing under its own private label. In the last 18 months, the brand has leveraged the power of Facebook and Instagram ads to grow sales tenfold, to $3 million annually. What started as a small business run by a group of women connected by their love of fashion, has now expanded to serve clients across the US and Canada.

Kate Hewko wanted to accelerate its expansion with a media strategy that fuelled its next phase of growth, focused on sharpening the brand’s competitive edge against direct-to-consumer and traditional brands alike. Kate Hewko upgraded to Shopify Plus to harness Shopify Audiences' ability to find new customers, while eliminating the guesswork in ad attribution.

The brand was an early adopter of Shopify Audiences, and saw immediate success. During the three-week campaign, Shopify Audiences outperformed the other audiences significantly, with a +45% higher ROAS, and 8% lower cost per acquisition.

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With Shopify Audiences, Kate Hewko saw results fast.

  • Return on ad spend: 3.9x
  • Cost per click: $2.26
  • Click-through rate: 2.6%
  • Cost per acquisition: 87.84
With Shopify Audiences we saw one of our best performing campaigns, ever. The results exceeded expectations, and Shopify Audiences now plays a vital role in our buyer prospecting strategy.
Kate Hewko
Kate HewkoFounder and CEO

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