Shopify POS Now Accepts Debit, Credit, and Tap Payments in Canada

Shopify and Moneris | Shopify Retail blog

Cha-ching! Canadian retailers can now accept debit, credit, and tap payments with Shopify POS, our free point of sale app.

Shopify has teamed up with Moneris so you can easily take more payment types from your customers. The Moneris iPP320 terminal now connects to Shopify POS with the Retail Package. This integration eliminates the need to enter transactions manually and the hassle of end-of-day reconciliation — saving you time and money.

Sign up for a Moneris account today and get set up for free (a $250 value).

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How Will Shopify and Moneris Help Me Run My Business?

Besides helping you accept debit cards, this integration will save you and your staff time. With Shopify and Moneris you won't need to input every sale into your point of sale and then separately into your sale and then separately into your payment terminal. This helps you ring up customers faster and keep lines under control.

Plus, you no longer have to worry about mistakes like you do when punching in totals manually. Transactions automatically reconcile, so you won't have to spend time looking for an unbalanced receipt.

Selling Made Simple With the Retail Package

Shopify POS card reader | Shopify Retail blogIn order to start accepting debit cards, you need to have Shopify POS with the Retail Package.

The Retail Package makes it easy to sell your products in your store. Get simple staff management, seamless hardware integrations, and gift card capabilities. And when it’s paired with the Moneris terminal, the Shopify POS system for sale makes accepting payments safe, simple, and seamless.

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Get set up with an iPP320 terminal today. Rates and terminal fees are negotiated directly with Moneris.

Already have a Moneris terminal? Check out the Shopify Help Center to connect your iPP320 terminal to Shopify POS.

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