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Whether you’re preparing for Black Friday Cyber Monday, Singles’ Day, or Valentine’s Day, we’ll help you win with tools, tactics, and strategies to reach more customers around the world.

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021

Discover the shopping trends that are here to stay

It’s a tradition: Shopify-powered businesses break sales records and uncover new trends during Black Friday Cyber Monday, the largest annual sales event in North America. Get ready for your next big sale with the trends from 2021.

Find support for your busiest time of the year

Take control of your peak selling preparation with expert resources and product recommendations. Wherever you are in your selling journey, we’ll give you a clear path for growth—and support along the way. You’ve got this. And we’ve got the tools.


Get expert advice on demand

Grow your business with free courses, tutorials, and on-demand webinars, taught by experts like Daymond John and Gretta van Riel. How will your brand grow next?


Bring your ideas to life

Ready to level up your business? Whether you need a developer, designer, or consultant, find the right expert to help you with your next big idea. Only on the Shopify Expert marketplace.


Give your customers world-class support

Your customers count on you to offer the support they need, when they need it most. From live chat to FAQs to support management, install a popular support app today, so you can keep your customers happy before, during, and after your biggest sales.


Turn small payments into big purchases

Give customers the flexibility to split their purchase into 4 equal payments for up to 53% higher conversion and up to 28% lower cart abandonment. Customers pay no interest or fees, while you get paid upfront.


Start the marketing conversation now

The best way to get ahead of the busy season is by starting your email strategy now—a month or two before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Set yourself up for high-impact events by planning, creating, and scheduling emails right in Shopify with the Shopify Email app.


Keep tabs on your real-time performance

Live View is the place to experience the excitement of visitors becoming customers, wherever they are in the world. Tune in to your store performance by device or country, and capture the trends live as they happen.

Deliver an experience with every order

An outstanding customer experience doesn’t stop at checkout. Ship the way your customers shop with a flexible omnichannel strategy that starts in your back office and ends in your customers’ hands.


Build excitement with real-time order tracking

Everyone loves knowing where their orders are. Case in point: Shop users check their order status 8 times between checkout and delivery, on average. Add the Shop channel and turn on Track with Shop to keep your customers happy with real-time order updates.


Mark your calendars: Holiday shipping deadlines

Most customers expect orders to arrive by December 25, 2021. Make sure you get all your orders out the door before each carrier’s cut-off date with our list of holiday shipping deadlines. And adding these delivery dates to your website is a great way to set expectations (and convert customers earlier in the season).


Simplify your refunds with Shopify Inbox

Looking to build customer loyalty? Start with a smooth post-purchase process and transparent policies. With Shopify Inbox, customers can check the status of their refund and ask about returns right from your online store chat. And let them find the answers they’re looking for faster by adding your return policy to your FAQs.


Fulfill orders more efficiently

A solid order fulfillment process can improve your efficiency, costs, and customer experience—and set you up to handle holiday traffic with ease. Streamline your fulfillment process before peak season by monitoring your operations in real time.


Save your customers’ time and money

Give your local customers the flexibility to choose convenient fulfillment options when they checkout online. From local delivery to in-store and curbside pickup, local fulfillment options keep your customers coming back.


Set clear shipping expectations

Customers want to know when they can expect their order to arrive. Show them by surfacing estimated shipping speeds in checkout and benefit from increased customer confidence and conversions.

Make conversion a quick win, not a hard sell

Shopping should be filled with joy, not friction. Make checkout the easiest part of the sale with one-tap checkout, and keep the sales conversation going with a marketing strategy across channels and touchpoints.


Remove friction at checkout

What do Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Meta Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay have in common? They save customer payment and shipping information so your customers can breeze through checkout and. Set up yours today.


Boost average order value up to 50%

Who doesn’t love flexible payment options? Now you can give customers the option to split purchases into 4 equal payments with no interest, fees, or impact to credit scores—while you get paid upfront in full.


Turn abandoned carts into sales

It happens more than you think: Whether they get distracted or can’t make up their mind, sometimes customers need a nudge to complete their checkout. Install a marketing app to help recover more abandoned carts today.


Attract more local sales

Can shoppers in your area find you? When you sell on the Shop app and enable local pickup, your brand will automatically appear in searches for flexible shopping options. Connect with new shoppers today with Shop Local.


Turn single sales into recurring income

Know the most effective way to extend customer lifetime value beyond a one-off purchase? Subscription apps on your online store. Add one today to generate long-term sales and build long-term loyalty.


Connect with more shoppers

Let’s bring a personal touch to online shopping. Turn this season’s shoppers into loyal fans by sharing products, discount codes, and more through Shopify Inbox, a free messaging app for managing your customer conversations.

Put a touch of delight in every shopping moment

Connection matters more than ever. From live chat to brand storytelling to personalized offers, invest in your customer relationships now for returns that last long after the season ends.


Get discovered by shoppers

Reach new customers by surfacing your products on Google’s Shopping, Search, and Images tabs. With Shopify’s Google channel, you can run paid ads on Google while setting your budget and managing everything in Shopify—and you only pay when an ad is clicked.


Inspire holiday shopping lists

Pinterest is the destination for inspiration. Turn your products into discoverable pins with boosted visibility and inspire 400 million Pinterest users to take your products home this holiday season.


Connect with customers on mobile

24 million shoppers use the Shop app to find their next favorite independent brand. Showcase your products with a mobile storefront on Shop, then set up post-purchase campaigns and curated shopping lists to expand your reach and increase average order value.

Power your next move with data

Data pays. The more you understand your customers, the more you control your next business decision. Discover the power of insight and analytics in your holiday planning, whether for campaigns, product releases, or new markets.


Speed up your store—and your sales

Improving site speed by just one second can increase mobile conversions up to 27%—and with 70% of shoppers buying on mobile, that can have a huge impact on your revenue. See your current site speed and get tips to help improve it with the online store speed report.


See how your retail conversion rate compares

The average conversion rate for brick-and-mortar stores (that’s the percentage of customers who leave a retail location with a product) is around 20–40%. Here are 7 tips to boost your retail store’s conversion rate, in one hands-on guide.


Stock up on your best sellers

Don’t run out of your best sellers too early. Use your sales by product report to identify your best and worst performing products, then stock up in time for your next big sale.


Unpack your product performance

Put your money where your sales are. Identify your best selling products with ABC analysis, so you can stock up before peak season.


Stay in control of your inventory

Don’t get caught without the right inventory on hand. Track and manage your products with Shopify, so you can stay in control of your largest expense this selling season.


Make the most of every sale

Be the one-stop shop for your buyers this holiday. Inspire them to take home even more gifts with upsell and cross-sell apps that increase average order value.

Global supply chain playbook

Build a more resilient supply chain

Some things you can’t control—like unexpected delays. Find out how to minimize supply chain disruption (and make more sales) with this playbook.

Get the playbook 

The Global Supply Chain Playbook

Ecommerce conversion rate calculator

Make every sale count

‘Tis the season to turn peak traffic into peak sales. Try the new conversion rate calculator to get the average conversion rate for your industry, along with tips to optimize your own this holiday.

Calculate your rate 

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Popular questions

  • Black Friday Cyber Monday (or “BFCM”) is one of the biggest selling seasons of the year in North America. It starts on the Friday following American Thanksgiving each year and continues to the following Monday. During Black Friday Cyber Monday, brands offer some of their largest promotions of the year while consumers look forward to holiday shopping at a discount.

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  • This year Black Friday is Friday, November 26 and Cyber Monday is Monday, November 29In 2021, Black Friday was Friday, November 26 and Cyber Monday was Monday, November 29. In 2022, Black Friday is Friday, November 25 and Cyber Monday is Monday, November 28.

  • Hosting a sale during Black Friday Cyber Monday is an effective way to boost sales and acquire new customers, especially in North America. Last year, Shopify stores collectively made $5.1 billion USD in sales globally, 76% higher than 2019. And more than 44 million shoppers purchased from Shopify brands across the globe.