Shopify Leadership Share Why They’re Excited About Unite

Shopify Unite Conference: 2016

Shopify Unite 2018

Tickets for Unite 2018 are sold out! In the coming weeks, we’ll have more information on how you can take part virtually in Shopify’s third annual Partner and Developer Conference, running May 7-9. In the meantime, join our ticket waitlist or relive the magic of last year’s conference.

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Here at Shopify, everyone is getting excited for the Unite Partner and Developer Conference happening in March. The conference will be a chance for theme designers, app developers, and web designers to come together with our team and take part in two days of interactive workshops and keynote presentations, where we’ll reveal exclusive details about the future of our platform.

In anticipation of Unite, we thought we'd share some of that excitement by talking to a few of Shopify's leaders about why they’re looking forward to meeting you all in San Francisco. Here’s what they had to say:

Tobi Lütke — Shopify’s Founder and CEO

Shopify Unite Conference: Tobi Lütke

“This is the first time that we’ll be sharing our vision for the company with our partners. I hope by sharing that vision we can start conversations around what the future of commerce looks like, together. I think it is going to be an incredible two days.

As an entrepreneur and founder, I am always interested in hearing other people’s stories of starting their own businesses. I’m looking forward to hearing those stories from the individuals behind our apps, themes, and partnerships. It will be amazing to meet with hundreds of people who are all dedicated to making commerce better for everyone.”

Harley Finkelstein — Shopify’s COO

Shopify Unite Conference: Harley Finkelstein

“Last year was an amazing year for Shopify and we could not have achieved what we did without our partner community. I can’t wait to be in one room with so many of our partners to celebrate that success together. I’m really looking forward to sharing the deeply inspiring stories of partners that have made a huge impact on our Shopify merchants’ lives.

Unite is going to be a truly unique opportunity for partners to connect with each other and form relationships that I know will prove to be extremely valuable. We can’t wait to introduce web designers, app developers, web development agencies, and experts to each other and see the incredible things that they build together.”

Jean-Michel Lemieux — Shopify’s SVP of Engineering

Shopify Unite Conference: Jean-Michel Lemieux

“Sharing, in person, what we are building inside Shopify for merchants, partners, and developers is so important. Unite is giving us the opportunity to do just that. Attendees will have a front-row seat for the launch of brand new APIs and tools that will transform the way they work and revolutionize the industry, setting the tone and steering the course for Shopify’s future.

Unite will be full of face-to-face discussions about Shopify’s technology, its uses, and how we can make it better together. Our core team of developers will be there to listen and learn from our partners — that to me is the most valuable opportunity of this conference.”

Craig Miller — Shopify’s CMO

Shopify Unite Conference: Craig Miller

“I’m really excited about being surrounded by hundreds of people who think and care deeply about building the future of commerce. At Unite we’ll share how Shopify sees the future, and how our partners are in a great position to explore and build on those ideas with us.

I think some of the most interesting outcomes from Unite will be a few months after the conference, once everyone has time to experiment and build upon what we’ve released. I can’t wait to see the new things that are built as a result. Let’s work together to make commerce better for everyone.”

Join us at Unite

Unite will be a celebration of our shared accomplishments as an ecosystem. It will give us a chance to come together and collaborate on new ideas that will improve commerce for merchants around the world.

With the conference just around the corner, and tickets selling fast, don’t miss your chance to be part of something great — register for your tickets today. We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

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