10 Accounts to Follow on Instagram for UX & Web Design Inspiration

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The internet is full of UX and web design inspiration coming from every direction. From the most popular social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, to the more focused platforms such as Medium and Dribbble, there is no shortage of places to inspire and be inspired.

With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram is a popular platform for artists, developers, and photographers to get endless inspiration from each other. The image-based platform lets you peek into the lives and work of people you follow, and lets you share glimpses into your own life as well.

You can find many UX and web designers sharing not only their work, but also their workflow, design processes, design brief, news, and ideas in design—ideas you can use to decrease bounce rate, increase conversions, and build greater products for clients. In order to get the most out of this platform though, you have to know who to follow. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 UX designers we think are worth following on Instagram today. 

Or, get some web design portfolio inspiration in our roundup of awesome portfolios.

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1. Michael Korwin-Piotrowski — @dsgnr_

Michael Korwin-Piotrowski is the art director for BeatStars.com, as well as a self-proclaimed tattoo, art, and pug enthusiast. On Michael’s profile you will find a curated selection of design inspiration––from his stunning photography and graphic design examples, to samples of his UX design work, you won’t be disappointed following Michael for your UX inspiration.

Testing touch bar options for Sketch app 👨🏻‍💻🚥💎

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2. Jessica Robbins — @uxmemo

Jessica Robbins is the Creative & UX Director for Saxum. In her spare time she runs an Instagram account where she posts images of UX design thoughts and concepts written on sticky notes. If you feel like waking up your brain, definitely give Jessica a follow.

3. Yael Levey — @iamnotmypixels

Yael Levey is a UX and product design lead based in London, UK. On her Instagram account, she posts a variety of thought provoking content, such as examples of design processes and wireframes, as well as inspirational UX quotes and ideas.

👀 Seen on Twitter, from the peeps at GDS. I really like this model of user research maturity because I think I’ve worked someplace at every different stage! The one I see most trip-ups on is #3 because in places that do this, user research really runs the risk of getting devalued and being seen as a blocker to development. If you’re always trying to research everything without much demonstrable impact, your stakeholders can start to question the value of all the effort research takes. • • #UserResearch #UX #UXD #UXDesigner #UXDesign #UXLife #UXProcess #DesignLife #DesignProcess #UCD #Usability #UserTesting #UsabilityTesting #UXGram #InstaUX #UXBlog #WebDesign #ProductDevelopment #ProductDesign

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4. Kevin Mercier — @kem_wd

Kevin Mercier is a web designer from Paris, France. He focuses on interactive UX design and posts design concepts to his Instagram account. If you are looking for design inspiration for your website or app, his account is definitely one to check out.

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5. Giga Tamarashvili — @gtamarashvili

Giga is a UX designer from Tbilisi, Georgia who posts examples of both app and web designs on his Instagram account.

6. Sander Crombach — @sandercrombach

Sander Crombach is a freelance product and UX designer who has a passion for art and design. A lot of Sander’s Instagram profile includes his intriguing travel photography, but you will also find links to inspiring articles he writes on product and UX design, as well as examples of his design process and projects.

When I was in New York in August earlier this year I was exploring future UX possibilities by imagining current apps we all use a lot on our smartphones today, and to see if there are benefits if they will become 3D and in an 360° environment. I realised that for a lot of apps real benefits are hard to find, but I think the ‘camera’ app is one of the apps that has potential. I took a picture when I was on the Staten Island ferry of the Manhattan skyline, and imagined I had slim AR glasses on my head instead of a small smartphone screen. In 3D you can have a 360° interface, with which you can choose your settings. And you can actually ‘tap’ real objects to focus on them. By clicking on the button in the bottom or say ‘snap’ you can take the photo. This way of capturing a moment in your life feels way more intuitive. Interacting with your environment and with objects around you. Instead of looking at a screen or tiny viewfinder, you’re looking directly at what you want to capture. In the future I will post more of these concepts and ideas. I also wrote an article about it: medium.com/&sandercrombach. Hope you like this one so far! Let me know in the comments 😊 . . . . . #ar #augmentedreality #virtualreality #mixedreality #arglasses #augmentedrealityglasses #ui #ux #userinterface #cameraapp #cameraapps #userexperience #visualdesign #design #skyline #ny #newyork #batterypark #ellisisland #newyorkcity #nycity #augmented #augmentedrealityapp #photoapp #nyc

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7. Nick Buturishvili — @nick_buturishvili

Nick Buturishvili is another freelance UX designer who has earned himself Instagram followers through his super clean designs and inspiring micro-animations. His work is definitely worth a look for those smaller design details that often get passed over.

Some rough sketches for food app I'm working on

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8. Jürgen Leckie — @uxjurgen

A freelance UX designer from Amsterdam, Jürgen Leckie fills his Instagram account with a behind the scenes look at his workflow, prototyping, and design process (learn more about rapid prototyping, and take a look at some great prototyping tools). You will get to see the hand-drawn wireframes for his many freelance projects and hopefully find some inspiration for your own.

9. Nicholas Tenhue — @nicholastenhue

Nicholas Tenhue is the host of The UX Blog podcast. He has no shortage of Instagram followers, and it’s easy to see why. He offers examples of his design process, as well as diagrams and charts that explain complex design concepts in an accessible way.

10. Lenora Porter — @lenora.porter

Lenora Porter is a product and UX designer based out of Florida, who is extremely passionate about good design. She is a vocal advocate for diversity and equality in the tech space, and often gives glimpses into how she levels-up her own skills and experience. She is also an active writer on Medium, where she writes articles about design and diversity.

Get Insta inspired

Instagram is one of many different platforms online that you can use to share your process and your projects, and this list only covers a small sample of the many talented designers out there sharing their work!

Are you sharing your work on Instagram? Do you think it’s a good tool to learn from and inspire other UX and product designers? Share your experience in the comments below!


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