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With 110% sales growth, Manitobah Mukluks shares its success with Indigenous communities

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Established in 1997 by Métis entrepreneur Sean McCormick, Manitobah Mukluks was founded with a vision to build a vibrant, global brand that makes a positive impact in Indigenous communities. Today, Manitobah is the world’s leading manufacturer of mukluks and moccasins and has emerged as a symbol of Canadian business excellence, Indigenous entrepreneurship, and corporate social responsibility.

Working with Shopify Plus since 2014, the company has expanded its product offering and made use of Shopify Scripts, Flow, and Launchpad to automate and streamline order management, shipping, and event-based sales. Shopify Plus Certified Apps are used to improve onsite search, personalize the shopping experience, and increase conversion.

As Manitobah Mukluks grows, so does its ability to have significant positive impacts in Indigenous communities through:

  • Indigenous collaboration: Sharing success with Indigenous artists
  • Building capacity: Offering Indigenous employment in meaningful careers.
  • Keeping Indigenous traditions alive: Partnering with elders and artisans on a global scale.

The best part of Shopify Plus is the fact that it is turnkey—we don't need to focus on the technology. We can focus on our vision to build a vibrant, global brand that has a positive impact in Indigenous communities

  • Manitobah Mukluks
  • Josh Fine — Chief Brand Officer

With Shopify Plus, Manitobah Mukluks saw results fast.


Growth in international revenue


Sales on behalf of Indigenous artisans


Graduates from its Storyboot Schools

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