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German food and beverage brand, Wajos is every foodie’s dream. With a vast selection of recipes, products and events on its site, the brand needs to change its site regularly and put out new and dynamic content. Increasingly, the business found that marketing ideas were being blocked due to technical difficulties in implementing changes to its platform.  

Wajos migrated to Shopify Plus in 2019 with the help of Shopify Plus Solutions Partner, Eshop Guide. Immediately, the brand saw a boost to its KPI’s and was able to implement changes rapidly. Since migrating, Wajos has been able to test out ideas, be much more flexible and focus its efforts on the work that matters most—content, events and integrating storytelling with its products.

Shopify Plus is super simple to handle and its state of the art features make it the perfect platform to scale our shop.
Peter OsterManaging Director

With Shopify Plus, Wajos saw results fast.


Increase in revenue within a year from migrating


Increase in average order value within a year from migrating


Increase in orders

Join the ranks of brands changing food and beverage every day.

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