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P3 Media is an award-winning, full-service ecommerce agency whose only mission is to grow our clients’ online businesses quickly and sustainably. We’ve spent over a decade building holistic expertise at the intersection of beautiful design, innovative technology, and responsive marketing. And we apply that expertise with an integrated, data-centric lens that allows us to create commerce solutions that are tailored to our clients’ unique needs, and proven to raise sales and engagement.



Over the period of three years of working with P3 the level of growth has been phenomenal. To me P3 is like an in-house team. It might as well be us. The results of our trajectory of growth proves that, in fact, the P3 team can do it.

Peter Georgiou, FounderGrayers

Shopify Plus and P3 have been integral in the growth of our business. In just a few years, we've gone from a startup in a garage in Canada to shipping millions of cocktails across the country every month, and an enterprise valued at well over $100 million.

Ryan Close, CEO and FounderBartesian

We love the P3 team, when we began working together we were much smaller than we are now. As we've grown, there’s been no change in the the responsiveness and they’re always willing to answer our questions, day or night.

Anna Tobler, Digital Marketing ManagerSeaVees

In recent months, our traffic is up over 60%, but our conversion rate is also up over 30%. That’s not something you’d expect with such high traffic growth, but it’s the direct result of P3's ability to make changes, manage promotions, and run experiments quickly.

Anna Aviram, VP of Digital MarketingJack Rogers

P3 has been an incredible partner for ICE and was instrumental in our move to Shopify Plus. We engaged P3 to grow and scale our direct to consumer business, and we’ve seen incredible growth in that space.

Josh Krouse, Home Game SalesICE Games