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Grow Volume 2

Chances are, you’re really, really good at something. Perhaps it’s your development skills, your design eye, or your ability to turn simple words into copy that converts.

You’re likely attracting clients based on that core skill, which is exactly what you should be doing. But after building a relationship and fulfilling your initial contract with a client, why say goodbye? You’ve built a repertoire; you (hopefully) know they’ll pay you on time — these are the kind of people you should keep on your client roster.

We’ve created a free guide outlining how to continue earning income based on pre-established relationships using on-retainer contracts and upselling additional services.

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Becoming a full-stack freelancer

Grow Vol. 2 — our second book aiming to help you grow your business — will challenge you to become a full-stack freelancer.

What does that mean? A full-stack freelancer is someone who is versatile, indispensable, and the type of person clients want to continue working with.

Each chapter of Grow Vol. 2 will walk you through an additional vertical where you can provide services and expertise to existing clients. We’ll cover how to solidify your skillset in fields like audience acquisition, analytics, and offline marketing. We’ll show you how to build an on-retainer contract so that you can rely on regular income from trusted clients.

This is your guide to becoming the kind of freelancer your clients can rely on for so much more than one initial project. By growing your roster of service offerings, and expanding your ability to work with existing clients, you’ll fast-track your way to success as a full-stack freelancer.

What you'll learn from Grow Vol. 2

This book contains 10 chapters from 10 authors, each an industry expert with years of experience working with clients. They share insights, templates, and advice to implement a whole new set of skills and services to offer your clients.

We'll cover:

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You can also download a copy of Grow Vol. 1 while you’re at it, which walks you through how to get your business off the ground.

Also, keep an eye out for us at conferences and events in your city — we’ll be handing out hard copies too.

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