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Lord & Taylor’s new direct-to-consumer site launched in just three months

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With a recent acquisition, no ecommerce site, and the need to inform loyal customers—and fast—that it was still in business, Lord & Taylor had a lot of hurdles to tackle in transitioning from America’s oldest department store to the digital-first world of retail. 

With Shopify Plus, the company was able to launch its new direct-to-consumer site in under 100 days, garnering 2.14 million visitors by leveraging greater flexibility and customization—in addition to numerous business management tools to support its day-to-day operations. With 49% of orders processed with Shop Pay, Lord & Taylor was also able to boost conversions while providing customers a faster mobile checkout experience, as well as a seamless post-purchase experience in tracking orders.

Retailers sometimes feel they have to go with a certain company because they’ve been doing it for the past 50 years. It doesn’t make it right. When you actually look outside the box, you’ll see there’s a lot of flexibility with Shopify Plus and the results are impressive.
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With Shopify Plus, Lord & Taylor saw results fast.


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Find out how Lord & Taylor and top brands are breaking boundaries and sales records with Shopify Plus.